With such a huge emotionally taxing event going on in the world at the moment,

It can be challenging to remove your focus from the latest news,

& it is easy to get caught up in the negative emotions of the collected consciousness


What if I told you that this was the opportunity you have been praying for?

To start afresh, to use your time in self isolation as a reset point, to finally create the change you desire. 

& therefore I have a plan

Creating a vision board has become a yearly act for me to set an intention for what I would like to bring more of into my life

I use it as an outlet to connect with my heart desires & put my request out into the universe for manifestation.

So far, It has continued to prove a success,

with my desires coming to fruition much more quickly and in ways that I could never had imagined. 

I have therefore decided to host a Vision Board Party

A chan