If  you had taken your power back, if were no limits & if you were your next best self RIGHT NOW how would things be? Answer these journaling prompts as if you are already her!! ( Truth- deep down you already are 😉 )

1. Who are you?
e.g. I am Kiarna fricken Jayne, I am a leader, I am a teacher & a change maker. I am always true to myself and follow my hearts callings. 

2. How are you showing up In the world & where are you going?
e.g. I guide masses of women back home to their authentic selves every single day through my online courses and coaching. I KNOW that I am on my way to long term successes.

3. How do you feel & what emotions do you harness on a daily basis?
e.g. I am a confident boss babe, who feels worthy and filled with gratitude for the high vibe life that I have created.

4. What is your life like (Daily routine, Career, Relationships)?
e.g. I wake up everyday in my purpose. With the freedom to work from anywhere and spend time with loved ones. 

Take back your power by realising that you get to be her NOW and make gradual changes in your actions and mindset to quantum shift into your next best self!


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The course mentioned at the end of this workshop is a sacred 3 module course called Always Authentically You.

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