Synchronicity holds a message for YOU

Synchronicity has a message for you

Ever thought about a certain song and then suddenly hear it on the radio? Or, dreamt/thought about a long lost friend and then bump into them miraculously not long after? I know I sure have. Most people put this down to coincidence, but today I’m revealing the idea that there are no coincidences in life and this type of synchronicity holds a hidden message just for YOU.

I have always found coincidences fascinating! Deep down I wondered if there was more to these situations than what meets the eye, and sure enough by researching and looking into my own personal experiences I discovered that there was!

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5 Signs That Your’e An Empath

To my fellow over analysers, highly emotional beings and those that have no explanation as to why their energy drains when being around certain people. You are not alone or abnormal and I think I may have just found an explanation.

I heard the word “Empath” only a few days ago, and when I searched the meaning I found myself reading the perfect description of my life. I felt relief in knowing that it was actually a “thing” and I feel like I now have answers to questions my soul has been looking for, for a very long time.

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