The REAL Reason You’ve Been Holding Yourself Back

The REAL Reason You've Been Holding Yourself Back

It’s funny how we quote phrases such as “Life is too short” and “You only live once” yet we still live in fear that if we step out of line we will lose the things that we’ve “worked so hard for”, but in reality these things are not what we really want anyway! Jobs were stuck in just to make ends meet, toxic relationships and friendships based on fake gossip and false popularity.

WHY are we wasting such precious time? I’ll tell you why and the REAL reason you’ve been holding yourself back, even if you DO have intentions of living life to its fullest…

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TRUST THE JOURNEY – Benefits of taking a step back (& why I am)

Trust The Journey Benefits Of Taking A Step Back (& Why I Am)

Sometimes we need to take a step back in order to take the next step forward. Last week consisted of a lot of re-evaluating and getting back in touch with my inner self.

After writing “Listen to Your Heart“, it became apparent to me that some of the posts I had previously written were not authentic and what I truly want this blog to be about – these posts were based on what you “should” be writing about to become a “successful” blogger. (My soul needed change and I needed to trust the journey.)

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Listen To You Heart

I wanted to write this post, because the past week or so has been a challenging time for me. For someone who writes a Self-development and wellbeing blog, I most definitely was not portraying what I preach and you know what? Sometimes that’s ok.

So, Im sat in Costa with a large hot chocolate, ready to pour my heart out, because it’s not always easy and I feel this is a message that needs to be heard.

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