How to Stay Positive Around Negative People

How to stay positive around negative people

As much as we can try to stay positive, there will always be influences in life that challenge our optimism and being surrounded by negative people can definitely be one of them!

At some point we have all encountered situations where the people we surround ourselves with are toxic for our mental wellbeing and while sometimes it can be easy to walk away from, other times it can be extremely difficult and even impossible, especially in the presence of close friends or family members.

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Beginners Guide – 4 Easy Ways To Use Crystals

So you’ve heard that Crystals have some sort of healing energy? But your not too sure how they work or how to use them?

I purchased my first Crystal around my 20th Birthday in July and I will never forget the feeling of being instantly drawn to and holding my first ever Rose Quartz – I was filled with an overwhelming buzz of unconditional love and that was the moment I knew the crystal was for me.

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