Rise Again

Rise Again

Do you feel lost on your current path?

Are you feeling drained and weary from the self-development and healing journey?

Could you be struggling within your personal or career goals?

Or maybe you are passionate about living life on purpose but you just don’t know what to do next?

I’ve been there too!..

& believe that you have been lead to this workshop for a reason.

Because sometimes we just need a little extra guidance to get back on track and achieve our true potential/goals.

When we make the conscious effort to work on ourselves and co-create our existence, it is common and normal to hit phases where we feel exhausted from the journey.

The “Rise Again” workshop has been designed to help you overcome this phase and regain your spark by dealing and working through the following areas:

Rise Again Workshop

– Reflect on your progress and re-evaluate your goals and desires ( a chance to dream big) √

– Realign with your destined path quickly and get back on track √

– Learn to honour your needs and listen to your own guidance system without coming off track √

– Stay on the highest path for your journey √

– Set achievable steps towards your desires ( ones you will actually do 😉 )  √

I get joy from encouraging others to express their authentic truth by creating content, workshops and courses that help to awaken their true potential.

I have not always been on the optimistic side of life and therefore know If I can break through the barriers you can too! 

My content is always created from a heartfelt place, I’ve been there and done that and by going through the experiences of a spiritual journey first hand I know exactly what is needed to thrive. 

Because let’s face it, we are all winging it, experimenting and finding out what tickles our fancy. 

But one thing I know for sure,

Life was never meant to be hard.    


Teaching you the importance of self recognition and appreciation. Because if we don’t acknowledge how far we have come, how can we expect anyone else to? We will delve into reflecting on your recent achievements and recognise your own capabilities. Alongside coming to terms with the things that no longer serve you. 


Teaching you how to keep your cup full by honouring your needs and nourishing your soul. Including a Self-Care declaration, by discovering ways in which you can begin to honour your needs to avoid getting burnt out, drained etc. finishing off by creating a self care plan/routine so that your grid stays filled.


Guiding you through the process of setting intentions and working towards your truest desires. Getting your beliefs behind what you want and creating realistic next steps to achieving your goals! Showing you how to live life on purpose and never regret it.