• Why are you afraid to be you? Write down all your fears in regards to expressing your authentic self.
  • Create a new way of seeing this fear, create a positive affirmation for each fear you listed above (These are now your affirmations to use whenever fear arises!)


  • Why do you feel like you cannot make the right decisions? What makes you feel you have to look to others for validation?
  • Are these reasons ultimately true? Remember you are a powerful being. List new reasons as to why YOU are capable of trusting your inner knowledge and power first.


  • I had to let go of the phrase “I don’t know” in order to break through my next steps. Are there phrases or habits that are hindering your progress? Write them down below and intend to let them go from now on.
  • Look at your life and come to terms with areas in your life that are actually no longer serving/resonating with you (career, relationships, way of living etc) become aware of them with the intention of shifting them into better feeling, aligned areas.
  • Now that you have come to terms with that which no longer resonates with you.. Create new values and boundaries.


  • What did you like to do as a child? What did you enjoy doing? do you still enjoy these things now? Would it do any harm to begin to integrate the things you love more into your life?
  • If you are unaware of your purpose, tap into things that feel good. I.e. trust what flows to you at this moment in time and write down the first thing(s) that come to mind when you think about things you WANT to do/ ENJOY doing or have a passion for…
  • Write down ways in which you can begin to do explore or do these things more. Some action points to take into the direction of finding your purpose.

Create affirmation reminders to pop up on your phone every hour or whatever resonates with you.
Practice tapping into your solar plexus when making decisions and strengthen your authentic connection
Take 5 minutes a day for yourself in a safe place to cut out outer distractions and focus inwards on your breath. Again strengthen your inner connection.