• Write all the qualities that make you who you are today (Be honest, what qualities make you think you are not good enough)
  • Are your negative self views ultimately true? Challenge your self perception. Create a new story/way of seeing things for each quality you believe is negative to have. (Perceived weaknesses are actually your unique strengths!!)
  • What behaviour/personality traits were you told you SHOULD have/be? (Think about parents expectations, teachers, society) Do these resonate with you? Are they serving you? Are they going against who you are at core level?



  • Journal memories/experiences that may have made you feel unworthy/ not normal and distorted the way you view yourself – Childhood. Teenage years. Young Adult. Adult.(REMEMBER: We are looking at these stories with the intention to release and reframe them.)
  • Are your beliefs from these experiences ultimately true? E.g. someone called you a cry baby- does being sensitive really make you a bad person?
  • Create a forgiveness list of people and experiences that lead you to believe you were not worthy/good enough and therefore hindered your self acceptance process.


  • Now you have come to terms with a deeper sense of who you are. Write down a new affirmation for each negative story/experience.

    E.g. Experience: My step dad treating me differently to my siblings made me feel I was not good enough to be loved. I challenged this belief and realised that it was not true, of course I was worthy enough to be loved. My new affirmation: I am more than good enough exactly as I am.

  • *Welcome to your new belief system! Every time you recognise a self-destructive thought, be the gentle observer and refrain it with your new affirmations.

Every morning journal 5 things or more that you like about yourself. (Get into the habit of having a positive self perception for 30 days or more!)


“Always Authentically You” Guided Meditation: