Desires the confidence be your true self?

Needs added support in a big decision or transition ?

Desires to create real, lasting change in your life?

Ready to follow your passion and manifest your dreams?

Need someone in your support system who REALLY believes in you?

How would it feel to have your own personal life coach?

Someone who will hold the space for you to grow and overcome obstacles and challenges?

Someone who will support your transformation and guide you through every step of the way?

Someone who knows how to guide you to your highest potential?

Saying “YES” to working with me 1-to-1 means your saying “YES” to:

Opening new doors for opportunity and growth!

Becoming intentional with how you live your life

Uncovering all the limiting beliefs and values that have been holding you back from your true potential

Embodying your truth

Courageously accepting who YOU are

& stepping into your next best self

You will also be adding someone to your support system who specialises in creating a safe space and relationship to talk about your life without fear of judgement.

We will create a relationship where you are accepted and understood.

You will feel heard and supported while you are given the skills and knowledge you need to create change.

Believe me.. YOU can do this damn thing. 


I am a Empowerment Coach, 

It is my purpose and mission to serve you, to guide you & to help you unleash your authentic power and the courageous soul that you are.

I am determined to build you up! My input within coaching is always from a heartfelt place. 

Believe it or not – I was not always this positive and happy about life! My personal journey and experience of creating a life and business that are aligned with my desires has given me the knowledge to know exactly what is needed to thrive.


This one-to-one 8 week coaching package will give you the best possible chance to create the inner shifts needed for long lasting change.

This package will give Kiarna the chance to fully support you within your personal needs, leading you to a place where you feel confident and empowered having stepped in your own personal power. 



  • 8 x 1 hour sessions ( 1 per week) with me over a video/voice call
  • Homework / tasks to actively work on in relation to your personal
     and what you want to achieve

  • 24 hour contact with me via email/messaging service so that you are fully supported!

Would you rather a one-off breakthrough session? Click here. 



Direct message @kiaajayne on instagram to get more information!