DIS-EASE: Your Ticket To Freedom

Dis-Ease Your Ticket To Freedom

Pain, discomfort and anxiety again? What is going on for you to feel such pain? Have you ever taken the time to sit with your “Dis-Ease” and discover what your soul really needs?

Many like to mask this discomfort with drugs – Some smoke when they are stressed, others drink when things get into a mess. But sometimes we go down the route of more dangerous substances to “numb” the pain and eventually life itself. But for one moment I’d like you to think of this..

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The REAL Reason You’ve Been Holding Yourself Back

The REAL Reason You've Been Holding Yourself Back

It’s funny how we quote phrases such as “Life is too short” and “You only live once” yet we still live in fear that if we step out of line we will lose the things that we’ve “worked so hard for”, but in reality these things are not what we really want anyway! Jobs were stuck in just to make ends meet, toxic relationships and friendships based on fake gossip and false popularity.

WHY are we wasting such precious time? I’ll tell you why and the REAL reason you’ve been holding yourself back, even if you DO have intentions of living life to its fullest…

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