The Power of Deciding

Deciding.  – An action that crippled me.

An action that continuously heightened all of my fears, doubts and self limiting beliefs.

An action that I decided had to rely so heavily on the opinions of those around me.

An action that left me feeling like I had either gone down the right path, or the path of immortal pain and death.

It is an action that can take all of your power away..

Or an action that can be the start of a new sense of empowerment.

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A Journey of TRUE Self Acceptance

A Journey of TRUE Self Acceptance

And so it begins.. A journey of true self acceptance. Because Its time. For me and for you. More now than ever before.

Its time to trust your vision more than anyone else’s opinion, its time to stand tall no matter whose in your presence, not to allow anyone the power to make you wither, its time to reveal your truth and most importantly accept it.

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