Are you the person who constantly lives your life to fulfil the expectations of others?

Do you experience fear around showing up as your authentic self?

Claim that you don’t care what others think but deep down you really really do?

Or maybe, you’ve always felt like the odd one out?

How long have you been feeling discontent and unfulfilled?

How long have you been ignoring your heart?

How long have you pushed down that unshakable feeling you get every morning that there’s more to your life than what you are experiencing?




it is no coincidence that you landed on this page.


& I get the frustration.

So much so, that I’ve made it my mission to help YOU and guide you through

Always Authentically You is a 3-week online course, infused with my EXACT tools you need to go within, strengthen your inner guidance system and embody your true self


– Gain a new sense of self 

– Embody your most authentic truth and purpose

– Transform your pespective on the life you live/create

– Eradicate self doubt, fear & all that no longer serves you


In a world where our perspective is formed and influenced by an incredible amount of outside sources, we tend to lose our truest and deepest selves. 

We do not feel fulfilled, because we have not yet fulfilled ourselves.

We do not feel like we fit in, because we are yet to truly uncover who we really are, and therefore where we really belong. 

Always Authentically You, has been designed to guide you back to your authentic self


The creator of this course and a girl who was once in your shoes… Being a girl who was raised to suppress her true self and being condemned for her sensitive nature, I was lost and afraid to be who I really was.

My life was a projection of the beliefs of those around me and I didn’t own my power or have the courage to use my own voice.

Ultimately, I was stuck in a life that was NOT for me and my mind, body and spirit began to suffer. Taking back my power and accepting who I was, was the biggest shift in my transformation. Trusting myself and following my inner calling(s) has lead me to where I am today. Now, with all that I have learnt through my transformation – I am here to guide YOU.



This course is held completely as a “From home” online study course!

There are 3x 30-35 minute video trainings for each module (Pre-recorded)

Homework and any given journal prompts etc will be given in each module within a workbook

You have all course content for life and of course unlimited replays!


-SECRET FACEBOOK GROUP! ( To meet like minded people and ask me your burning questions!)





Kiarna will help you understand the importance of authentic self expression & why it is so vital if you are wanting a fulfilled life.

Create an internal shift on your perspective and create new and empowering beliefs. Build your confidence and uncover your TRUE values and desires.


Learn Kiarna’s tools to enhance your intuition, create boundaries and discover your truth.

Create a connection between your authentic self and life purpose.


Kiarna shares concepts such as the law of attraction to unlock your inner co-creative powers and create the necessary steps for real, life long change.

  • I’m not used to really working through others’ courses or life coaching or anything like that, so this was kind of new to me, and I won’t lie… I was very surprised how quickly it helped me open my eyes. I worked through the first module and instantly felt a difference in myself. Being able to see where I felt that I fell short in life, growing up, was pretty intense. I realized that I always had a habit of blaming myself nonstop, even when I was completely innocent. I also noticed that I had an underlying feeling that I wasn’t worthy of receiving honestly. I had been lied to a lot in my life, and my parents hid a lot from me until they suddenly divorced at age 9. This blindsided me and completely skewed the way I saw love. I became practically obsessed over the course of my lifetime with wanting to find my soul mate, but all I ever found was heartache. I found lots of soul mates who were wonderful mirrors for my wounds, and I’m so grateful. I’m grateful for Kiarna’s wisdom of “Only you can decide what enough is.” I will no longer allow others to dictate if I’m “enough.” I am enough as I am now. I love that I’ve gotten in touch with being grateful for myself rather than focusing on the blessings in life or from others. This course truly has brought me back into my heart and soul, where the focus needed to be all along.


  • This is such a wonderful course, especially if you are just starting out on your self-love/living authentically journey. Or even if you just need a refresher or reminder that you are worthy and powerful. Kiarna is so passionate and relatable. She breaks down concepts like Law of Attraction into understandable bits for folks like me who haven’t studied those topics. And it made me want to look into it even more. She provides personal examples and practical ways of changing your mindset around your own worthiness and power you have over your life. The worksheets are awesome too – I love the recaps of each module,  such awesome nuggets of wisdom, as well as the journal prompts. They really get you to dig deep, unpack your beliefs that so many of us have been socialized and conditioned to belief, and reframe how we feel about ourselves. Overall, it’s a wonderful program. Short and sweet but so powerful!


  • I started “Always Authentically You” and I knew straight off the bat that this course was going to help me reassess my thinking and my behaviours to both past situations and situations to come in the future! I have honestly learned so much about myself over the duration of the course and would highly recommend this course to anyone who struggles with negativity, self confidence and dealing with situations of the past.  Kiarna is an amazing coach both via video training and 1-to-1, she is also always there to answer any questions/ queries you may have while going through the course!  A massive well done to you Kiarna for constructing such a positive and meaningful course


  • I loved the Always Authentically You course. Kiarna has put together the topics that are necessary to examine in order to become who you truly are. She speaks from the heart and teaches by example from her own personal life experiences. The course is three modules and the workbook ties it all together. It contains a recap of the video, journal prompts and questions to help you explore your thoughts. I highly recommend the Always Authentically You Course if you’re interested in living YOUR best life.


  • As soon as I started Always Authentically You my perspective on what I thought was negative was changing. It became easier and easier to appreciate others, the world around me and especially myself! I realised how much power I carry within me, & that with a shift of mindset I could make my life even better!! It was a real pleasure being guided by Kiarna and I would recommend it to ANYONE



Q – Is this for me if I have already done some self development work?

A – SELF DEVELOPMENT IS AN ONGOING PROCESS! While this course is for the souls who are at the beginning of their journey, there may still be something in this for you, however, if you are wanting more in-depth support I offer 1-on-1 coaching! (email if you are interested!)

Q – What can I expect from this course?

A – Other than a new sense of self, expect a sacred, empowering, loving space/environment with a ton of inspired content! Affirmations. Journal prompts. Video guides. The exact tools you need for your personal growth!

Q – How do I know this is the right course for me?

A– You usually know something is right for you by the way it feels, does it feel good? often the right path feels a little scary but expansive and full of hope at the same time! your heart always knows 😉 ( P.S. I actually speak about this topic in depth within Module 2 of the course!)

(P.S To all my fellow UK souls, pricing is in USD)

It’s my desire that you feel confident and unapologetic as you move into the belief of your true power and wildest desires.