to be who you were always meant to be. 

to be who you CAME here to be.

The real YOU.

The authentic YOU.

Whole heartedly,


Do you long to live life from a place of carefree expression?

Are you searching for a deeper, more meaningful purpose?

Are you sick of feeling discontent and unfulfilled?

Or maybe you are someone who has constantly lived your life for others?

Do you have an unshakable niggle that there’s more to your life than what you are experiencing?

Maybe you have never truly believed in your own capabilities?

Do you wish you had the power to completely transform your life?

Then, it is no coincidence that you landed on this page.

Feeling numb and discontent in life can be a sign that you are ignoring the truest parts of who you are. 

In a world where our perspective is formed and influenced by an incredible amount of outside sources, we tend to lose our truest and deepest selves. 

We do not feel fulfilled, because we have not yet fulfilled ourselves.

We do not feel like we fit in, because we are yet to truly uncover who we really are, and therefore where we really belong. 

Always Authentically YOU, has been designed to guide you back to your authentic self.

On this self discovery journey you will begin to unleash your inner authentic power. You will gain the clarity needed to create inner shifts and completely transform the way you view yourself and the world around you. 

Living a life from your most authentic place, will unlock the life that was always meant for you.

The creator of this course and a girl who was once in your shoes.. (not too long ago either). Being a girl who was raised to suppress her true self and being condemned for her sensitive nature, I was lost and afraid to be who I really was.

My life was a projection of the beliefs from those around me and I didn’t own my power or have the courage to use my own voice.

Ultimately, I was stuck in a life that was NOT for me and my mind, body and spirit began to suffer. Taking back my power and accepting who I was, was the biggest shift in my awakening. Trusting myself and following my inner calling(s) has lead me to where I am today. Now, with all that I have learnt through my transformation – I am here to guide YOU.

A 3-Module Course where we will delve into the following:

  • Get to grips with the importance of authentic self expression & why it is so vital if you are wanting a fulfilled life
  • Uncover the hidden beliefs/experiences that stop you from stepping into your power
  • Create an internal shift on your perspective and create new and empowering beliefs
  • Build your confidence and uncover your TRUE values and desires
  • Create a connection between your authentic self and life purpose
  • Unlock your inner co-creative powers and create the necessary steps for real, life long change.

Life time access to Always Authentically You online course & The Always Authentically You 2019 Facebook group where I will answer all your questions and provide personal support!


Learn the importance of self acceptance. My experience and the journey of when I stepped into my personal power. Knowing your worth and how this impacts every area of your life. (relationships, business etc). Uncovering hindering and limiting experiences and beliefs that stop you from embodying all that you are and shift them.


Learn how much of a powerful being you are. Tap into your biggest power by overcoming personal fears. Learn how to turn inwards and trust your core feelings/ always make “feel good” decisions. Become confident with your inner power and discover your true values. 


Learn how to become the powerful co-creator that you are. Use your authenticity to create a life that is aligned and in flow with who you really are. Input personal boundaries and finally learn the principles and actions to take to start living a life from care-free expression.



This course is held completely as a “From home” online study course!

There are 3x 30-45 minute video trainings for each module (Pre-recorded)

Homework and any given journal prompts etc will be given in each module

You have all course content for life and of course unlimited replays!

You will receive access to the Private 2019 Facebook group upon enrolling.

If you have any questions email

Q – What can I expect from this course?

A – A sacred, empowering, loving space/environment with a ton of inspired content! A new tribe who believes in you. Affirmations. Journal prompts. Video guides. The exact tools you need for your personal growth!

Q – How do I know this is the right course for me?

A– You usually know something is right for you by the way it feels, does it feel good? often the right path feels a little scary but expansive and full of hope at the same time! your heart always knows 😉 ( P.S. I actually speak about this topic in depth within Module 2 of the course!)

Q – Do you offer a payment plan?

A- YES! of course! You will find the payment plan just below this “FAQ” section!


Enrolment is for the course is currently closed!

However, you can join the waiting list by entering your name and email below to find out about our next enrollment period.

P.S. It’s my desire that you feel confident and unapologetic as you move into the belief of your true power and wildest desires.

& I cannot wait to be of service to you in the next enrolment!​

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