My name is Kiarna Jayne, you may have noticed I am a huge writing junkie and have a massive passion for exploring spirituality, well being and self development.

By sharing my personal experiences and lessons, I hope to encourage and inspire you to express and own your authentic truth. I have not always been on the optimistic side of life and therefore hold strong faith that if I had the power to take charge and lead a life I truly desire, you do too.

You are the creator of your unique world and you deserve a life filled with prosperity and abundance. My writing is my calling to help those awaken to their true inner power. So.. Are you ready?!




I thought it would be quite fun to write 25 things about me, this will give you a insight as to who I am and also gives me a challenge, so, lets go:

  1. I took the plunge to go full-time with my blog and I love it!
  2. I have a dalmatian named Lola
  3. I suffered from depression at a very young age (14 infact, don’t worry I am much better now! I just recently discovered I am an Empath!)
  4. I gave up eating meat on the 18th July 2017
  5. I used to be a groupie for a UK artist named “Chip”, I think I met him around 15 times!
  6. I love carbs way more than I should
  7. My boyfriend is the biggest nerd but I have been with this lovely soul for over 6 years
  8. My mum is a legend
  9. I once went off butter for like 10 years of my life (I still only have a smidgen)
  10. I meditate every single day
  11. I once fell down the stairs in a restaurant, ended up covered in ketchup and fizzy drink, I have never been so humiliated in my life and my siblings just laughed *Cries*
  12. I LOVE the film Dirty Dancing
  13. I don’t have a favourite song
  14. It takes me around 4 hours just to straighten my mane
  15. My favourite colour is egg shell blue (surprise surprise)
  16. I love Crystals
  17. I pick an oracle card everyday
  18. I get some really vivid dreams that sometimes include premonitions!
  19. I cannot whistle (Trust me, I have tried a million times)
  20. The only two films that have ever made me cry are “My Sisters Keeper” and “War for the Planet of the Apes”
  21. I own a Red Nissan Micra, her name is Polly
  22. I was born on 11th July 1997 ( how have I only just thought of this at no. 22?!)
  23. I am currently struggling to think of another 2 points
  24. Oh yeah, I read a lot of books
  25. I wear black most of the time and this is something I need to work on!

And there you have it! I hope to provide some enlightenment into your lives and hopefully you will click away from this site with a new found spark and some extra knowledge that will help towards your own happiness and goals.

Kiarna Jayne xo

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