– Hey! I am Kiarna Jayne, a compassionate and spiritual Empowerment Coach –

I create life-changing content, workshops and online courses to help you rise up, show up and feel worthy of your desires. 

By saying goodbye to old ways of perceiving and living, I get you to a place where your life begins to thrive from a place of authentic passion. I guide you to step boldly into your true power and teach you to courageously accept who you are. 

However, just 3 years ago I was far from a life filled with happiness & contentment. Being a girl who was raised to suppress her true self and being condemned for her sensitive nature, I was lost and afraid to be who I really was.

My life was a projection of the beliefs from those around me and I didn’t own my power or have the courage to use my own voice.

Ultimately, I was stuck in a life that was NOT for me and my mind, body and spirit began to suffer. Taking back my power and accepting who I was, was the biggest shift in my awakening. Trusting myself and following my inner calling(s) has lead me to where I am today. If you are not quite yet embodying your true essence, don’t worry I was just like you!

Are you finally ready to unleash your inner power?

By sharing my persional truth and experiences, I hope to encourage and inspire change within you so that you are able to express and own your authentic self and life.

I believe that by guiding you to your own inner power, you will unlock the life, opportunities and relationships that are MEANT for you. 

My mission is to support you through this transformation of healing and growth, so that you are able to courageously live the life that you soo truly deserve and desire.