Deciding.  – An action that crippled me.

An action that continuously heightened all of my fears, doubts and self limiting beliefs.

An action that I decided had to rely so heavily on the opinions of those around me.

An action that left me feeling like I had either gone down the right path, or the path of immortal pain and death.

It is an action that can take all of your power away..

Or an action that can be the start of a new sense of empowerment.

A new set point.

A new intention.

Huge transformational change.

It is your choice.

But one thing I know for sure, is that you can never “F*ck it up”.

For you can always choose again.

The beginning of this year has pushed me into the act of surrendering, of trusting and allowing.

It has been a month of immense rest and re-evaluation on some decisions I have previously made.

I have been forced to digest change.

The sort of change that I would have resisted before and would have deemed as “going backwards”.

But I DECIDE that there is no such thing as going “Backwards”

I DECIDE to honour and accept ALL parts of who I am and my journey

I DECIDE to live from a place of authentic expression

I DECIDE to step into my power

I DECIDE to own my worth

I DECIE that my worth is no longer defined by how much I do, or what I achieve, more so of who I already am.

I DECIDE to no longer be available for anything less than what feels good

I DECIDE to let go of the struggle

I DECIDE to let go of what no longer serves me

& I DECIDE I am worthy of the life I desire

I am worthy of my heartfelt passions

& I DECIDE that I get to have it ALL.

Once we decide that life gets to be whatever we want it to be.

We set the tone for our outcomes.

We change our perception.

& we become empowered at making decisions and at co-creating our lives.

My heart knows what it’s like to feel a disconnect with the life that I am living.

My heart also knows what it’s like to feel lost.


& Incapable of creating change.


Through the power of honouring my decisions,

I now know that

We are powerful beings.

With huge potential.

Soo powerful, that you can completely change the life that you experience and how you perceive it.

All you have to do, is decide.

In 2019 you may see me starting to do things a little differently & for now that looks like not being so active on social media.

But as I learn to honour my needs and listen inwards.

I urge you to make decisions less about “what could go wrong”

& more about an act of “setting an intention” or “writing a new script”.

You will start to witness something miraculous as you watch how your life unfolds accordingly 😉

Kiarna Jayne


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