A Journey of TRUE Self Acceptance

A Journey of TRUE Self Acceptance

And so it begins.. A journey of true self acceptance. Because Its time. For me and for you. More now than ever before.

Its time to trust your vision more than anyone else’s opinion, its time to stand tall no matter whose in your presence, not to allow anyone the power to make you wither, its time to reveal your truth and most importantly accept it.

While I am open about my spirituality on the online world, it would come as a shock to some that I am yet to completely embrace who I am and my passions in real life surroundings.

This is something I had not realised until I was faced with a situation outside of my comfort zone. I shut down and felt unworthy of my beliefs. While I could’ve looked at the situation as a negative, I have chosen to be grateful for it, because it revealed apart of myself that needed work on.

And so I take on the journey of accepting who I truly am.


how can I achieve my goal of helping others if I am still hiding in the dark? how can the people who will truly benefit from what I have to offer find me if I am too afraid to embody my OWN passion?

Opinions are not truth and neither are our own self-limiting beliefs. But if we stop suppressing OUR REAL INNER TRUTH, then we will be lead to our life purpose, a place where we can prosper and live a life that is no longer based on struggle, where inspiration replaces motivation, where love replaces fear and where we no longer have to put a mask on.

Cherish your authentic self, because your authentic self becomes a cure for others.

This is a time when struggle can no longer exist, when anything inauthentic in your life will fall away, when you will have to surrender because trusting the universe or your higher self is all that you are able to do.

And so don’t disregard it, disown it or feel defeated. It’s time for you to accept the path that is being shown. Accept the callings from within, accept that you are not for everyone but there are people needing your inner light, accept that there is only one YOU and so you better show up in all your damn glory.

She realised that in order to conquer the world,
she had to conquer the world within first.
She knew that there was no longer time to hide,
and so with arms open wide,
she gave herself a hug.
The warmth that she looked for in the outer world,
was the exact warmth she should’ve been giving to herself.
She was ready to finally accept who she was,
And so it began.
A journey of TRUE self acceptance.

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Are you yet to truly accept who you are? Why not now? It’s time. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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A Journey of True Self Acceptance



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