3 Reasons Why Living In The Present Moment Is The Best Way To Live

3 Reasons Why Living In The Present Moment Is The Best Way To Live

As I sat watching TV, my Boyfriend made a sudden reaction to what had happened on the screen, “Did you see that!?” he exclaimed… I sat stunned at the sudden realisation that although my eyes were fixated on the TV, my mind was somewhere else, I couldn’t even relay what I had just watched for the past 5 minutes!..

On constant overload, my mind was trying to overcome challenges – challenges that were not even real! Yet I was preparing for something that wasn’t even part of my reality, how crazy is that?! of course, this is NOT a good idea (especially when I believe in the Law of Attraction!..). So, why is living in the present moment the best way to live?

Well, I decided just for that moment to ground myself, absorb my surroundings and only focus on what was infront of me. As I done this, I came to an understanding.

An understanding of why living in the present moment is the best way to live.




Many of us (myself included), get into the habit of creating our own struggles, we create all sorts of tragic stories in our head based on the idea of “not having enough” of something (lack), we therefore begin to suffer from something that is not even in our reality yet!!

E.g. Having fear around your financial situation can lead you to believing that you won’t be able to pay your future bills, but in actual fact, anything is possible and anything can happen! You could receive a cheque in the post within 24 hours, or win £500 on a scratch card! No matter how hard you try, you cannot 100% know the final outcome.

Bringing yourself into the present moment will reveal that in fact the concept of “lack” does not exist. At this precise moment, your money troubles don’t exist, you are content and you have everything you need/require right this second.

Lack can only exist when we focus on something that does not exist in the present moment. Crazy uh?



If lack doesn’t exist, neither does stress.

Have you ever been so engrossed in something you enjoy that you completely forget about your worries? That’s proof right there that living in the present moment allows you to let go of stress.

“Live like there is no tomorrow”. We could spend an entire day stressing over next week or feeling hurt about the past, but who knows if tomorrow is even promised?

Living in the present moment enables us to see from a different perspective and therefore shows us that stress is not worth the emotional and physical burden. Start living in the present moment and I guarantee it will become near enough non existent.



When there is no lack or stress, you are given the chance to become more mindful, we begin to notice the smaller things that we are truly grateful for.

When I took the time to ground myself, I noticed that I was in the company of an amazing supportive boyfriend, I was healthy, I had the luxury of being able to watch TV, from my OWN room, in my OWN house with the free will to do anything I pleased – I AM abundant.

Living in the present moment allows life to become more vibrant and joyous. Notice your surroundings and embrace where you are. Isn’t it perfect?..

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Are you forever worrying about the future or thinking about the past? What ever happened to just living in the present moment? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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3 Reasons Why Living In The Present Moment Is The Best Way To Live

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