The Power of Divine Timing (A Personal Story)

The Power of Divine Timing

Isn’t it funny how some things happen at the VERY RIGHT moment? Sometimes the precision of timing can seem a bit “freaky”?! This is called Divine timing and THIS is what it looks like…

Last year I read Rebecca Campbell’s book “Light Is the New Black“,  I absolutely fell in love with it, so much so that it even made it into my “4 Life Changing Books You Should Start Reading Today” post, shortly after devouring the book TWICE! I then discovered that Rebecca had released another book called “Rise Sister Rise“. It had to be MINE.

Even though I knew that I could purchase the book online, something held me back, almost like it wasn’t the right time.. and so I said to myself If I saw the book in a store then I would know I should buy it.

This was strange because I had never had this feeling before, I’m usually quick to jump on Amazon the second I discover something I want, ESPECIALLY when it comes to self development books! (self confessed addict over here!)

It wasn’t until I went to my local WHSmith store that I decided to see if the book was in stock, I spent 10 minutes scanning the Self-Development section without any luck, despite previously asking staff who said there was one copy left!

I even had my Mum and Brother checking every shelf but we just could not find that damn copy. I left the store feeling disappointed but knew that somehow I was going to get that book!

Every time I attended our shopping centre I would check if the book was there but, still no luck.. I even checked my Nan’s local store because she lives in a different county but they didn’t have it either!


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This was the moment I decided to use the Law of Attractionand came to the conclusion that I would manifest this book somehow or another – I already knew this book was going to be mine and so I asked the universe to lead me to it and surrendered the desire.

“When she realised that she was living through it,
She let go of the need to understand it
And used her heart as a compass” – Rebecca Campbell

Last week, I was back in my shopping centre for a catchup with my Dad, he happened to be running late so I had some spare time to wonder around shops. I made a beeline for WHSmith, even though at the time the book hadn’t even entered my mind!

I entered the store with the intentions of just passing time, to my surprise they had moved the Self-development section and so as I walked in, the aisle was smack bam infront of me! Without control my eyes immediately latched to one book and one book only…

RISE SISTER RISE” by Rebecca Campbell, in all it’s glory, as clear as can be and the ONLY ONE there, stared right at me..

Of course I grabbed the book without hesitation and took it to the counter to purchase! I was utterly grateful to have finally found it and couldn’t wait to get reading as soon as I got home!

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Turning the book cover to start reading felt like coming home! Page after page, I was gripped. Rebecca spoke to my soul. The more and more I read, the more and more I realised whyI hadn’t received the book earlier.

It became apparent to me that the experiences I had gone through within the past few months were needed before opening this book. The lessons resonated on a deeper level and I somewhat felt a true emotional connection.

That night I had a dream which opened up a whole new insight to me. A clear message that the book had unlocked. It was time and I was ready to delve deeper into my spiritual journey.

Just a few months before my intuition knew that I was not ready for the book, the universe knew the right timing and so when I was ready to receive it, the book was placed right infront of me, without even looking!

DIVINE TIMING is something we shouldn’t interfere with. What we THINK is the right time and solution can be proven to be something completely different. This experience has truly strengthened my trust in my own intuition and the universal flow. The book has now been added to my collection with an even special meaning and message.

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Do you believe in divine timing? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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The Power Of Divine Timing

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