DIS-EASE: Your Ticket To Freedom

Dis-Ease Your Ticket To Freedom

Pain, discomfort and anxiety again? What is going on for you to feel such pain? Have you ever taken the time to sit with your “Dis-Ease” and discover what your soul really needs?

Many like to mask this discomfort with drugs – Some smoke when they are stressed, others drink when things get into a mess. But sometimes we go down the route of more dangerous substances to “numb” the pain and eventually life itself. But for one moment I’d like you to think of this..

If you had a crack in a wall, would slapping a sticker over it make it better? You may be able to hide it but.. I’TS STILL THERE! It’s still under the sticker and when the sticker is removed, the issue will rise once again and maybe even with more damage. If you keep covering it with MORE stickers then the issue just remains deeper, deeper under the surface, until one day you forget what the actual issue was!

But if we remove the sticker ourselves, chip away at the crack and discover where the damage is at. We will be able to nurture and fix the hole – as if it were never there, fill it in one step at a time until the healing is complete.

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Everything happens for a reason

Life is full of twists and turns but everything happens for a reason. You are feeling this discomfort as a sign that something needs to change.

When we choose to ignore this pain, we deny our bodies ability to alarm us that something isn’t right. This “Dis-Ease” acts as an indicator and the first step to healing – You have the ability to look at your discomfort, pin point the reason why and then let it go.

If you eat mango and your body has an allergic reaction would you eat the mango again?..

A small percentage of people who are diagnosed with terminally ill “Diseases” take it in, change their entire life-styles and gain a higher if not 100% probability of healing and overcoming it. While the other percentage would use drugs and alcohol to numb their pain and eventually lose their battle anyway.

Which one would you chose to be?

You cannot heal from something if you do not know the cause

You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay, is an amazing example of how the human body has the ability to heal from anything. But the major key is the programming of your brain and ACKNOWLEDGING what the cause is.

If we do not give ourselves the chance to listen to our discomfort then we will never come to terms with the cause or a solution.

2 years ago I went through a stage of suffering immensely with Sinus Infections, I was referred to an Ears Throat and Nose clinic who explained that it “might” be to do with my dog, also put on a 6 weeks course of antibiotics! Nothing seemed to work. (I thankfully do not suffer as much now)

2 years ago however, was around the time my “bad” experiences with my Step-Dad were at an all time high, it wasn’t until I discovered the hidden meaning behind sinus issues, that I realised these events were having a strong impact on my internal health!

I discovered that sinus infections are a result of suppressed anger, my inability to speak up and holding my words in rather than outwardly expressing them!!

DING DING DING, it made soo much sense! and even though at the time I didn’t realise the cause, I can look back at how my life was then and how it is now and confirm that this is highly relevant.

This is YOUR ticket to heal and gain emotional/physical freedom

So the next time you feel anxious, go through a phase of having sore throats, or if you are just not 100%, please do not ignore it. This is a positive indication that change is needed.

This is your chance to heal. This is your chance to start again. 

“Dis-Ease” is your internal guide giving you a well needed message. Once you get to the real deal, you will never have to face it again.

Healing isn’t linear and neither is growth, but would you not rather healing than staying stuck in the same boat? Let yourself free, release the pent up negativity, your soul needs to heal and then the best will be revealed.

I no longer look at pain as a negative, pain is the first step to finding happiness again. Imagine if you treated every discomfort this way?..


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DIS-EASE: Your Ticket To Freedom

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