A Letter To My Younger Self (Letting go of my old story)

A Letter To my Younger Self

Forgiveness. Acceptance. Letting go.

All three words give a glimpse of what spiritual growth means to me. The ability to no longer allow anything that is NOT in the present moment to define you. The more we keep telling the story we have always told, the more we will continue to attract what we have always attracted.

Your story is based on the past – It is based on the hurt you have conceived, the pain you have grieved and the sorrow that came from others actions. The people who mislead you, the lies you were told and the misconception of life itself. So what would happen if we start telling a different story?…

As I sat in my daily meditation, images of my younger self started to appear, the endless crying nights, the shame of being “weak” and the anger of allowing emotions take control. It was then that I realised I was still carrying this story.

I was still defining myself as the person I was then, and therefore as I let out the last cry, I wrote a letter to my younger self. Letting her go, letting her free.

Now this is the person I am meant to be.


Dear Younger Self,

It’s okay that you lost your way & It’s okay to forgive.

Let go of the pain, for I am soo proud of the person who you have became.

You are much stronger than you believe, so don’t listen to the deceit. It’s time to accept who you are and know that you are eternally loved and never alone.

I know you doubted yourself – but it’s okay now. Oh if you would realise the power you have inside.

Cherish the people who have stood by you & forgive those who have hurt you – they were apart of helping you grow and know that one day you will be able to say ” I told you so“.

You are finding your way so believe that you are enough. The tears that leave your eyes represent healing from deep inside, no longer look at crying as being weak, this was only something you were told and know it’s okay to SPEAK!

You will have to push through but it will be worth while. You will get to this day where you look back and smile. Love yourself courageously and accept who you are. There are people who love you and you will go far.

If ever you feel like this is not true, take a look in the mirror and notice YOU.

Be The Light. 

Love always from me (YOU), your true self.


As I signed off the letter I felt instant relief, I had finally let go of what was no longer my belief.

And so, I’d like you to sit in silence and hear the whispers from inside, what is being called to be left behind? Forgiveness does not mean that you are condoning ill behaviour, but it means that the pain you suffer will no longer act as your saviour.

“As she closed the book of her old life
sighing with relief as she finally let go
she carved a path to a new beginning
writing a new chapter
the uneasy feeling of change soon faded away
and for the first time in a while her soul felt free” – (instagram: @Peta_Ramia)

What would the letter to your younger self be?

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A Letter To My Younger Self



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