The REAL Reason You’ve Been Holding Yourself Back

The REAL Reason You've Been Holding Yourself Back

It’s funny how we quote phrases such as “Life is too short” and “You only live once” yet we still live in fear that if we step out of line we will lose the things that we’ve “worked so hard for”, but in reality these things are not what we really want anyway! Jobs were stuck in just to make ends meet, toxic relationships and friendships based on fake gossip and false popularity.

WHY are we wasting such precious time? I’ll tell you why and the REAL reason you’ve been holding yourself back, even if you DO have intentions of living life to its fullest…

The false belief system you embodied as a child continues to control you through adult-hood and for the rest of your life unless you decide one day to take charge and rewire those beliefs.

As a child we take everything we are told and see for face value and therefore if our Mother told us that watching TV for too long would make our eyes square – we would believe it!

Obviously as we grow older we learn that this isn’t true and we therefore let go of this “belief”. However, not all beliefs are tested and therefore we hold deep seated subconscious beliefs about life which ARE false, that unfortunately don’t get released and even worse still get seen as the truth.

What many of us don’t realise is the true reason we don’t achieve what we want actually comes down to the old beliefs that we are still holding onto.


I started a 10 day course in January called “Change your thoughts, Change your life” just recently in a session I expressed my feelings of feeling left out and being anxious/uncomfortable whenever it came to meeting new people or going out to social events with friends/family.

The teacher then pointed out that I was sitting on the edge of the class and asked if there was an area in my life where I ever felt left out.. not even realising it, I had subconsciously chosen to sit at the end of our group circle blatantly portraying the belief system I had! – Being pushed to the edge and feeling an outsider.

It became apparent to me that my belief of being “separated”, “not fitting in” and “different to everyone else” actually stemmed from my experiences as a child.

You see, my Mum and my REAL Dad split before I was born, while I always knew the truth, being the only sibling in my family with a different dad could often make me feel left out, my sensitive nature which was very different to my 2 siblings also lead me to believe that I was different. Then as I grew into a teenager and started to recognise my Step-dads actions as treating me differently, it reinforced this fact more and as a result enhanced my belief.

This belief not only effected situations at home but also reflected onto my friendships with others! I often would feel “out of place” or “left out” of friendship groups (hence why I probably only speak to 2 people!) and I strongly believed that I was different.

It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I came to the realisation it was my internal thoughts that was creating my outer reality!

Acknowledging and discovering this belief has allowed me to release a false sense of “not belonging”.

Crazy huh? Now reach out to me and let’s be friends! haha

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What limiting beliefs are you holding onto? The child belief system hanging on in your subconscious mind is the culprit of stopping you from living a life you truly desire.

If you were bought up in a family where you were constantly told “We can’t afford that” or “Money doesn’t grow off trees“, then maybe deep down, no matter how much money you want to receive in your life, your holding yourself back from receiving it because your deep seated belief is that there isn’t enough money to go around and you’ll never be able to receive it.

Or, maybe at the age of 5 you were told that you weren’t smart enough and now this belief holds you hostage whenever you are presented with a new job opportunity because your deep seated belief reveals that you are not capable enough!

The next time you notice yourself holding back. Ask yourself. “What belief is playing out?” and “Is it true?”

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[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]”The only limits you have, are the limits you BELIEVE” – Wayne Dyer[/perfectpullquote]

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The Real Reason Youve Been Holding Yourself Back

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