TRUST THE JOURNEY – Benefits of taking a step back (& why I am)

Trust The Journey Benefits Of Taking A Step Back (& Why I Am)

Sometimes we need to take a step back in order to take the next step forward. Last week consisted of a lot of re-evaluating and getting back in touch with my inner self.

After writing “Listen to Your Heart“, it became apparent to me that some of the posts I had previously written were not authentic and what I truly want this blog to be about – these posts were based on what you “should” be writing about to become a “successful” blogger. (My soul needed change and I needed to trust the journey.)

I started this blog in November 2017 and so I’m still finding my feet in terms of what content helps my readers, yet resonates with me at the same time. I am now aware that the posts which come from my heart are the posts I enjoy the most.

So I’m sat here today and my soul is telling me to change things up. While I was scared and had a fear of being judged, I recently started to show more of my authentic self through my writing and it was a breath of fresh air. This is what I want and this is what I’m about.

Therefore I have come to the decision of no longer sharing 2 posts a week and will only be posting on Monday’s. By taking this “step back” that my heart is soo loudly calling for, I hope that all my content will be heartfelt, something special and more meaningful to you.

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I am learning to trust my intuition and trust the journey. (Even if it doesn’t make sense at first!)

I have, however, started a YouTube channel and hope to sacrifice my Thursday’s post for a video instead. (I am still working on this however!) I love video editing and this gives me a chance to share my truth and creativity in a different light that I truly am excited about it! (Click here for the channel)

Are you needing to take a step back? Here are the benefits of re-evaluating and trusting the journey…



Reconnect with what makes you happy

Sometimes we get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life that we lose what truly makes us happy. We learn to compromise our actions for what is deemed to make us “successful” or “liked” and while this may be true, why do we have to lose our authentic self for that?

Taking a step back helps us stay in tune with what really resonates with us and keeps us on the path of alignment and contentment.

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You allow what is REALLY meant for YOU

By taking a step back we allow ourselves to get real on what we REALLY want. This therefore allows the universe to send us the right people, scenarios and opportunities for our true growth and desires.

When we stand our ground and explore what is right for us, we attract more of that.

E.g. Painting a picture in red will attract the people who love the colour red, but if your heart really loves the colour blue, then changing your paintings will initially lose the “red” loving people, but in return, you will begin to attract the people who like the colour blue and who are meant for your art! Simple as that.

Taking a step back to realise this clarity will help you to take an even bigger step forward and one that is RIGHT for your soul.

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You get out of your own way

Leading on from reconnecting with what makes you happy. Taking a step back actually sometimes means getting out of your own way. Your ego may be telling you that “2 Posts a week will mean you will get more traffic and readers”, whereas your true self and heart could be telling you “Quality matters over quantity”.

Getting out of your own way will lead you on your authentic path and will also teach you to TRUST THE JOURNEY. Because no matter what.. everything will be ok in the end AND it’s always ok to change your mind..

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Trust The journey Benefits of taking a step back

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