Clear The Negativity From Your Aura

Clear The Negativity From Your Aura

It’s time to clear the negativity from the energy surrounding your soul. Your aura deserves to be lifted, shifted and aligned.

When we feel depressed and give off negative thoughts, our aura suffers from blockages. This negativity deprives us from experiencing and attracting the most beautiful experiences of the world.

We can also absorb negative energy from the people and atmosphere we surround ourselves with, but do not let it hold a place in your energetic field for too long. Be aware and clear negativity from your aura whenever you feel physically, spiritually or emotionally disconnected.

Release it. Cleanse yourself. The positivity is calling.


Mother Nature

Bask in the beauty of nature to enhance and cleanse your aura. Take a walk, stroke the trees, smell the flowers and walk bare foot! Embrace Mother Nature – the medicine for your soul.

Bathe in sunlight to cleanse the aura of negative vibes, shine bright and be the light . Stand in the wind to blow away any blockages, unlock the potential inside to gain a new sense of clarity. Embrace mother nature with arms open wide, she will comfort and assure you that everything will be alright.


Turn inwards and listen to your higher self for a while, sit in silence and shut your eyes.

Imagine a white light emitting from your heart, growing until your whole body is protected. The white light absorbs the negative energy until all is left is love. You no longer suffer from the clouded clarity, everything is clear and bright, you open your eyes to a new beam of energy, the colours of the room become vivid and you feel soo light.

Your aura is cleansed. Negativity is released and you have returned to your natural state.

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Isn’t it funny how music has the power to heighten your good mood or enhance your depression?!

Music can hold a deep connection to our heart and therefore has an affect on our spirit and mind. Use this to your advantage and listen to songs that raise your positive energy, dance, sing and get lost in the flow. Life would be dull without music so make the most of it! Take time for yourself and relish in the joy of creative energy. Moving your body will also shake off any unwanted energy and naturally cleanse your aura and raise your vibration.

Natural Salts 

Taking a shower with sea salt is amazing for cleansing your aura. Rub the salt on your skin with the intention of getting rid of negativity and using the water from the shower to wash away all that no longer serves you. Coming out feeling refreshed and enlightened.

You can also do this with a bath, soak in a bath of sea salt for 20 minutes allowing the salt to absorb any negative energy from your aura.


I lovvvee sage and if you are like me and love you some rituals, then using white sage incense or sage sticks (if you are hard core) are a great way to cleanse and protect your aura! Simply light the sage and with clear intention sage your presence or get someone to do it for you, you can also use sage to cleanse your home too! I do this whenever I feel I am carrying too much external energy and I want to clear what is no loner my energy to carry!

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How do you clear the negativity from your aura? Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below!

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Clear The Negativity From Your Aura



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