Law of Attraction: Keeping The Faith When “Nothing” is Happening

Law Of Attraction Keeping The Faith When Nothing Is Happening

When you’re in the manifesting game it’s amazing! You meditate daily, write in your journal and visualise your desired outcome whenever you can. You even begin to see the signs that the Law of Attraction is working for you as you align with keeping the faith.

But.. things may not happen as quickly as you had wanted and there are times when you feel like nothing is happening at all. This is when keeping the faith becomes energetically challenging and our brain brings up all sorts of negative, fear-based and egoistic thinking on the Law of Attraction.

Your motivation diminishes and rather than focusing on the positive, you begin to gather up a load of excuses – does this Law of Attraction stuff even work anyway?..

So, one evening you don’t feel like writing in your journal and the next morning you wake up and miss your meditation.. BAM – before you know it, you’ve spiraled out of the flow and got yourself into a rut.

I’ve been there and done that, (probably more times than I let on! haha) But I’ve had enough experience to realise that keeping your faith, even when you feel as though nothing is happening is key when it comes to manifesting your desires with the law of attraction!

So much so, that I have gathered the tools needed to get straight back on track whenever I feel I’m heading in the same direction. You can almost instantly turn it around!




Whenever I spiraled out of the flow, I got frustrated with myself for “failing“. Just like anything new that we want to stick to whether that be a exercise regime or eating healthier, there usually comes a time when we step out of line, this is normal and doesn’t mean that we cannot get ourselves back on track.

Catching yourself out of the flow is enough to get back on, but without forgiving yourself for getting a bit slack, you will not allow yourself to move on promptly. Be gentle with yourself and accept that these things happen in life. You are not a failure and this is only a learning curve.

Working on our mindset can be challenging and takes constant effort so it’s perfectly fine to get weary. The sooner you forgive yourself for it, the sooner you will be able to get it back together.



Often, we feel like we have to take massive amounts of action to get what we want. I mean, who can blame us? Were constantly told that in order to achieve anything or be successful we have to “Work Hard“. This is based on an old belief system and reveals to us that we actually need to re-evaluate and shift our perception.

Believe me. This is one I have struggled with!

Taking a step back to focus on your way of thinking will be far more beneficial to your manifesting process then jumping straight into immediate fear based action and overthinking.

You see, the Law of Attraction is always working, whether your focused on it or not. So just because you slipped on a conscious level doesn’t mean that whatever you were working towards has gone down the drain. Begin by focusing on feeling better in general. Lift your mood by doing the things you enjoy and allow yourself the chance to let go and step back so that you can begin to realign with the flow.

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Part of losing the motivation and faith is doubting the process of the law of attraction working.

When doubt starts to arise for me, I get out my self development books, watch motivational YouTube videos, listen to multiple podcasts and read different blogs on other people’s success stories. This not only motivates me to get back into action but also enhances my beliefs.

Other success stories show that it really is possible – if it’s possible for someone else then it must be possible for me! Also, going back to your own success stories will beat those fear based thoughts to the ground!



Once you begin to feel good again, you naturally realign with all that you desire.

You may wake up one morning in the mood to start meditating again and so you follow that inspired action. This inspired action also happens to align you with your desired goals! When I asked the universe to show me my talent, I had an urge to start a blog and share my experiences through writing! Now writing is my passion and I stick to it daily.

By following your intuition and surrendering to the flow, you avoid creating resistance to whatever it is you desire and before you know it, your back into the manifesting game and things feel great again!

So what will you do the next time you lose faith in the Law of Attraction? Keeping the faith can be challenging but it is vital and worth it if you truly want all that you desire! Share your thoughts in the comment below. 

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Law of Attraction: Keeping The Faith When Nothing is Happening

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