BE THE LIGHT (A Message From The Heart)

Be The Light

Today my heart chooses something different. A message from my true self to yours – “Be The Light”.

A major part of having this blog is keeping my content heartfelt and authentic. There have been many occasions where I plan to write about a topic and change it last minute. My writing has to resonate with me otherwise I know it will not resonate with others.

Writing is my passion, my expression and my purpose. It allows me to share my truth in the hope of helping others, I’ve realised that in order to be of full service I cannot hold anything back. While I am currently going through a battle with fear of judgement, I shall not let this dim my light and you certainly cannot let it dim yours either.



Shine so brightly that you have no choice but to step into your full power. Uncover your true passion as this will lead you to your life’s purpose. Be bold, be strong and look inwards for guidance.

Brighten up the runway for others to see,
get past the fear and self-doubt to enjoy what is meant to be.
Fill your heart up with adventures but remain true to yourself,
being the light means caring for others but most importantly having love for oneself.
You are not here to please everyone because that would be exhausting, but cherish and open up to the people who come walking.
It’s never too late to be the person calling from inside,
embrace change as though its a new ride.
The relationships in your life are there to attune your light,
only you can allow someone to brighten or dampen your inner shine.

You are a soul living a human experience and you have the power to choose which path to take. Whenever you feel the light is being dimmed, retune with your inner spirit. You already have all the answers within so sit and breathe to allow the whispers of clarity in.

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Cultivate self love. Own who you are. Embrace your differences because that’s what makes you special, accepting who you are will allow others to accept themselves. You see, this is no ordinary¬† time to be alive. More and more people are awakening, living and accepting. Don’t sit on the edge watching everyone glide by, jump off, jump in. BE THE LIGHT.

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Be The Light



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