How To Speak Your Dreams Into Existence

How To Speak Your Dreams Into Existence

As Deepak Chopra says “Language creates reality. Words have power”. So what reality are you creating with the words you speak?

Communication through words is a never ending and vital part of our lives. The words we use shape our reality whether we are conscious of it or not. Ever heard of the phrase “Be careful what you wish for?“. The power behind the use of words can be used with great intention along side the Law of Attraction and once you know how to master the art of using words to your advantage, you can start to speak your dreams into existence!




The words we choose are so so important! When we describe something in the form of lack we create a reality based on more lack. Instead of dwelling on the fact you don’t currently have what you want, change things up by focusing on what you do have and keep your words and thoughts positive.

Focus on positive = Attract more positive 

“I am grateful to have a car” is much more effective than “I hate the car I have”. This not only gets you into the right vibration for receiving the car you truly want but also gets you practicing gratitude ,which is known to enhance the manifestation process.

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Keep your words present! Speaking as though your desire has already manifested holds powerful intention behind creating them into your reality.

Saying “I need to lose weight” is only reinforcing this fact and with the Law of Attraction in constant action, you will always “need to lose weight“. However, stating “I AM fit and healthy” is a powerful positive statement based on the present moment, although it may not be true at the time, words are energy and the universe cannot tell whether this is true or not, all it can do is react to your words with the same energy!

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]”Speak your dream into existence and the universe will attract the right circumstances and conditions for it to be realised.“- Marcus Thomas[/perfectpullquote]

You could even spend a few minutes a day talking about how great it is to be your ideal body weight, speak about all the things you would do, as if you already areAffirmations are a great way to keep your words positive and in the present moment.


One afternoon before a driving lesson I confided my fears to a colleague that I felt anxious and canceling the lesson was on the brink of my mind.

Knowing I had already had over 10 lessons, she pointed out that it was strange I still felt as bad as I did! At that moment it suddenly sprung to me that I did not feel comfortable with my instructor. I decided to stop my lessons and booked a 4-day intensive course instead.

It was my boyfriends birthday 2 weeks after the course and I thought it would be great idea to drive us somewhere! Not long after I was also informed that my workplace was moving which meant I would have to take 2 buses to our office instead of my usual 10 minute walk! This made me even more determined to pass.

So, from that moment onwards, I spoke as if I had ALREADY passed. I told Isaac that I was going to drive him to our favourite restaurant on his birthday, I told my mum that I would be driving by the end of April and whenever we spoke about our new route to work I announced that I would be driving to it.

On the day of my test, I woke up surprisingly calm and couldn’t wait to hit the road. I am usually a nervous wreck when it comes to tests but while waiting at the test centre I felt no nerves at all. I had already convinced myself that passing was the only option and so I had no worries or doubts that I would fail.

During the test I had to carry out a reverse parallel park which I failed completely and hit the curb, it had ruined it for me but I still told myself I was going to pass. My instructor came running up to the car with arms open wide as I drove back into the test centre, I couldn’t believe it! I passed. I COULD DRIVE!

He straight away mentioned that he was worried as he previously had problems with my examiner and told me he is usually harsh with students – I had what sounded like the worst examiner, made quite a messy mistake but still managed to pass!

Only a week after passing I bought my first car and on the 9th May I kept my promise and drove my boyfriend to our favourite restaurant. The drive felt surreal and I kept saying “Omg I’m doing it” the words I spoke just 2 months previously with no license or car were happening. I also drove to my new office and it was great!

Have you ever spoke anything into existence? Or will you give speaking your dreams into existence a try?! Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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How To Speak Your Dreams Into Existence



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