How To Find Answers Through Meditation

How To Find Answers Through Meditation

Sometimes in life, we just need a little guidance. If you’re facing a dilemma and you need answers or you just need confirmation in which direction to go in, meditation is the best practice to turn to.

When we quieten our minds, we allow the clarity needed to listen to our inner wisdom and guidance which helps us to find answers through meditation.

Some explain this time as a way to connect to something higher for answers, but whether you believe in the universe, the spiritual realms of guides/ angels or the concept of your higher self or not, deep down we all know the answers to our problems.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]” You know the truth by the way it feels ” – Unknown[/perfectpullquote]

So Today I am sharing with you a meditation practice I use which has helped me in many different different for receiving guidance, direction and answers.

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What do you need to know?

Before you start the practice, come up with a question you would like to ask and receive guidance for. Keep a journal by the side of you and write your question down before starting.

Just recently I was unsure about starting a new writing project, I had been procrastinating over it for a while and I had just finished reading Doreen Virtue’s book “The Courage to Be Creative” which I believe was a message in itself! The book inspired me soo much and got my creative juices in full gear, yet I was still unsure if it was the right timing. I therefore decided to meditate on the situation and my question was “Is it the right time to start my new writing project?”.


Clear your mind of expectations and just breathe

I usually do this meditation for 20 minutes. Start by sitting or laying down in a comfortable position and turn your attention to your breath – focusing on your breath will bring you into the present moment.

Let go of any expectations of the guidance you will receive and let go of any thoughts. Once you begin to relax, visualise a white light from the top of your head slowly covering your whole being and protecting your aura.

Now is the time to state your question out loud in your head, but remember to revert your attention back to your breath afterwards.

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Keep your mind aware

Pay attention to any images that may pop up for you or any random thoughts/ symbolism that could link to providing you with an answer. E.g. You may suddenly have an image of a crowd clapping, which could be an indication that your going in the right direction or it could simply mean “yes”!

Whilst I meditated on my question the number 34 randomly came into my minds eye, I immediately knew that this was my message and straight after meditating I searched the spiritual meaning of the number 34:

“When you see the angel number 34, it’s an invitation from your guardian angels to work on your creative endeavours. If you love to write, draw, paint, sculpt, sing, dance, or act, this is the best time to seriously explore it.” – (found on )

This was definitely my cue to start my project right away! Any type of guidance you get make sure to log it down in your journal so that you can go back for reference.


Have an open heart and mind

You may not receive anything at all and that’s okay too. You have just opened up a gateway to receive guidance and it does not end here. Make sure you pay extra attention to your surroundings in the next couple of days, you may hear a song on the radio which could trigger an answer for you or you could receive the guidance you need through a conversation with someone. Be open and you will always receive an answer. The next step is for you to now take action!

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Will you take the time out to meditate next time you need some clarity/guidance? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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How to find answers through meditation



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  1. This is really helpful. I have been having a serious problem for months now and have been praying for answers, but feel like I have not heard/felt anything. I think one of my issues is trusting that something is an answer and not just my own mind trying to come up with stuff. I will have to try this method. Is it better to ask a yes or no question or can it be a more complicated one?

    1. Im soo glad you found this useful Elisa and thankyou for your comment! You can start off with yes or no questions to begin with as it will be easier for you to receive an answer! Meditation would definitely help you if you have internal battles with your mind, it has helped me dramatically! Wishing you luck with your journey and I hope you find the clarity and guidance needed😊

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