How To Surrender To The Universe

How To Surrender To The Universe

Sometimes life can become overwhelming. Too much happens all at once, certain aspects of your life don’t turn out as you had planned and suddenly your sat on the end of your bed, with your head in your knees just waiting for a miracle to happen.

From as early as childhood we plan our entire lives – Travel the world by 21, own a place by 23, married to the love of your life, with how many (if any!) children by 30 and retired in a nice hot country towards the end of your days. But as we know, life likes to take detours and suddenly our plans in life no longer fit. “The one” turns out to be a reflection of all that you didn’t want, you’re made redundant from your dream job and studying meant you missed out on travelling completely.

So, where do you go from here? How do you get your life back on track?


That’s right. Surrender.

The idea of surrendering might sit uncomfortable for some and If it does for you, I would like you to ask the question “why?”

While the programmed reaction for the majority of us would be to charge straight into action and take control of the situation, more often than not, taking constant control of our lives is what gets us into the mess in the first place.

Are you dating 24/7 in the worry that if you fail to do so, you will end up alone for your entire life? this is a sign of fear based thinking and acting out of fear will only cause more resistance to what you truly desire and sabotage your chances for actually meeting the right person.

By taking a step back to surrender our fears and worries, we give ourselves a better chance to allow what is right and meant for us to enter our reality, but by taking actions with no direction and acting out of fear, is only the act of setting yourself up for another detour further down the line.

Sometimes what you THINK is best, may not be and this is when surrendering to the universe and letting it work it’s magic will benefit you beyond your wildest dreams. The moment you realise that you are able to let go of full control and everything WILL still be okay, is the moment you allow yourself to receive all that you truly desire.

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How To Surrender To The Universe


Acknowledge your control

When things constantly go wrong, there comes a time when we have to acknowledge that it’s all happening for a reason. The universe is trying to get your attention because something needs to change. Is the job your striving for actually your parent’s idea of a dream job? Are your rigid standards preventing you from letting in the right person?

Having your mind completely fixated on one outcome only, causes a barrier to infinite possibilities and opportunities that could potentially be something better.

i.e. if you believe the only way you will receive money is from your monthly pay check, you are blocking the flow of receiving money in all different ways such as finding money on the floor or winning money on a scratch card!

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Giving yourself the time to acknowledge and reflect on aspects where you are trying too hard to control in your life, will help you with taking the next steps forward. You might discover that what you wanted at the age of 18 no longer resonates with you but yet you’re still trying to chase it!


Be Happy Now

It’s time to let go of “When I have *blah blah* I will be happy“. The more you base your happiness on something that you do not have, the more you block the flow of accepting where you are in the present moment and therefore allowing yourself to be happy RIGHT NOW.

Who says that when you do get your dream car you will be eternally happy? Being happy is something that we choose and while external circumstances can heighten your happiness, this will only happen temporarily and then its back to you to choose happiness again.

By being happy right now, you surrender all your discontent, fear and worry which allows you to be open to receiving more experiences to fulfil your happiness.


Ask for help

If you find the principle of surrendering hard, then who said you can’t ask for help?

By asking The Universe for help, you immediately take part in the vital first step of releasing and letting go of your full control.

You’re not here to know the exact how and when things will work out, you just need to be willing to surrender with an open heart. The rest will be left to the power of the Universe.

An affirmation you can use to surrender and ask for help would be:

“I surrender my fears and worries. I trust that everything in my life is working out for my highest good”

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Last but not least, you cannot successfully let go if you don’t trust that all will work out for the highest good. In order to build your trust with the act of surrendering, you could keep a journal of the experiences you’ve had where you had no control, yet it worked out better than you imagined.

When I realised that I was applying to jobs just for the sake of leaving where I currently was, I knew that I was acting out of fear and it was time to surrender and take a step back. I can now say that I am glad, because I am now living my life’s purpose and I gained the clarity to see that I would have never fully been happy in any of the jobs I had applied for anyway!

The Universe knows what is right for us all and whenever you ask for anything in life remember to say “This or something better” that way, you are constantly open to the abundance of all opportunities!

So, will you make a conscious effort to surrender to the universe a little bit more? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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