Gratitude – The Secret Behind Instant Manifestation

Gratitude - The Secret Behind Instant Manifestation

How do people flawlessly manifest the things they desire and quickly too?! I mean manifesting can be difficult in itself, especially if you find it hard to let things go and trust in divine timing, but manifesting AND getting what you want in miraculous speed, now theres got to be a secret behind that right?!

Well, In some respect there is, and a vital part not many people touch on when they talk about The Law of Attraction is the power behind practicing gratitude! Instant manifestation can only happen when we own our happiness and completely surrender to where we are in the present moment.


When we are thankful and appreciative of what we have “right now”, we instantly raise our “feel good” vibes and give off high vibrational energy, in return we remain in constant alignment with the universe, which means of course, our manifestation process will turn around more quickly.

Whereas if we sit and dwell on what we don’t have and become impatient on wanting something else, we give off negative energy causing resistance and end up pushing away or prolonging our manifestation process.

Constant happiness + the present moment  = Instant manifestation

Gratitude should be apart of your daily routine, not only for the manifestation process but for your general wellbeing too.

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Change every “I have to” into “I get to”

When you get up in the morning what are your first thoughts? maybe they start off something like ” I have to do this” and ” I have to do that” ? saying ” I have to” is giving off the energy that life is on your shoulders and you are not taking the time to appreciate.

A simple shift in how you speak and changing every “I have to” into ” I get to” will not only make you think twice about how privileged you are, but it will shine a light onto the things in life that you take for granted and incorporates a simple and effective way of expressing gratitude daily.

An example of this would be changing “ I have to go to work today” into ” I GET to go to work today“, notice how the change in words leads to expressing your appreciation for being employed and earning a living which may not be apart of someone else’s reality.

This is a simple practice that we can all use to change our entire perspective on life itself! and speeding up our chances of instant manifestation.


Say “Thank you”, even at the smallest of things

Another practice that you can make a conscious effort to do, no matter your circumstances in life, is to say “Thank you” for another day and another chance.

Each and every day we take the act of waking up and being alive for granted. When was the last time you appreciated the fact you are actually alive?

Every morning, say “Thank you” for such a precious gift.

Also, you can even say “Thank you” at the simplest of things throughout your day! Every time I drive and approach a green light, I say “Thank you!”, every time I find a parking space – “Thank you”. The more “Thank you’s” you can say in the day the better.

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By expressing gratitude you are saying to the universe that you are grateful for all that it has already served you. You will also feel happier and more content with what you have, but that doesn’t mean you will disregard what your true desires are, it just means that you are giving off the right vibration for you to receive them, and if you’re lucky, instantly.


A few months before leaving my job, I got into a place where I wasn’t appreciative of the job I had, and so I revelled in negative feelings and thoughts as I was on the hunt for another one. I also needed a pay rise, but at the time I didn’t quite have the guts to ask as my managers as they were good to me and it felt somewhat morally wrong at the time.

I realised that my thoughts were not helping my situation and so I made a conscious effort to practice gratitude everyday. I gave thanks for the job I had, appreciated the money I earned and the people I worked with. I got my head out of a rut and whilst I was still looking to move on, I didn’t feel the negative pressure over my head as much.

Then one morning, I walked into work with the intention to finally ask for the pay rise. Now I kid you not, before I even plucked up the courage to ask, my managers had already called me into the office and stated they were giving me a pay rise of the EXACT amount I wanted that day...

Yup. It happened and It happened pretty damn fast once gratitude was apart of my life.

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So, will you practice gratitude more often? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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Gratitude The Secret Behind Instant Manifestation

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