4 Steps Needed To Overcome Self Doubt

4 Steps Needed To Overcome Self Doubt

Just like fear, self doubt is one of the biggest culprits for killing dreams and depriving the world of geniuses and genius creations.

In order to overcome self doubt, it’s important that we are aware of the necessary tools and therefore today I am sharing with you the 4 steps that I take when self doubt creeps up. It is soo important to realise that YOU are capable of many things, but with self doubt in full force you are being held back.




When self doubt kicks in, it’s a sure sign that you ego has taken over and therefore your thoughts become one minded and your clarity is clouded.

Grounding yourself helps to get your mind out of the ego and back into the present moment, by coming back into the “now” you can begin to rationalise your thoughts and see the bigger picture. Ways in which you can ground yourself are:

Now, it doesn’t have to be an hour long session, try 5 or 10 minutes of focused meditation when you are in a battle with self doubt.

When I feel like I am facing writers block (which is quite common for any writer!) self doubt can begin to kick in, so, before writing any post I will conduct a 10 minute meditation to ground myself and clear my head of any negative and distracting thoughts. Usually I will awaken with a heightened sense of motivation and a clear mind to get cracking!

(You can also use crystals to enhance the flow of positive energy during any meditation.)

Sometimes all we need is a break from thinking to gain the clarity needed to move forward effectively.

Self doubt can bring on feelings of anxiety and when we are anxious our breathing pattern changes, it becomes quicker and shallow. A simple breathing exercise will work just as well as meditation.

Inhale slowly and deeply for 3 seconds and exhale for 4. Repeat this cycle for 1-2 minutes and you will instantly feel a difference within your posture as you become more relaxed and calm your mind.



So, once you are grounded it’s a perfect time to hit your mind up with some positive affirmations. Affirmations are statements that can be used to overcome niggly negative thoughts that arise.

In fact, affirmations have the ability to rewire your subconscious mind if you use them regularly! An affirmation for overcoming self doubt would be:

“I believe in myself and my ability. I am confident that I will overcome any challenges and surrender all my doubts and fears”

When you state your affirmation, state it with positive intention. Our world works through energy and if you say your affirmation with negative energy behind it, it will not hold much effect.

We believe what we tell ourselves. 



More often than not, self doubt is a distorted view of the truth. How many times have you been worried that you wouldn’t be able to achieve something and in actual fact you did, and sometimes even better than you expected!

By taking a moment to remember a time when you beat your own self doubt, will relieve your way of thinking and bring optimism to the situation.

There was a time when you had to learn how to walk. I wonder how many times you fell to the ground and STILL got back up until those tiny feet succeeded at taking one step after the other. Imagine the massive sense of self belief you had to of had in order to achieve that, If the baby you could overcome self doubt. Then you sure can!



Once you have grounded yourself, changed your way of thinking and realised that in actual fact, you are more than capable of anything.

It’s time to let that thought go. The more you overthink it the more you will create resistance and negativity around it. Discouraging and putting yourself down will not make a situation any better and therefore it’s vital to realise that your energy is far more useful when you focus on something else.

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What do you do when self doubt takes over? Do you have other ways of overcoming the limiting thoughts? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below! 

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4 Steps Needed To Overcome Self Doubt

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