Affirmations: The Power To Rewire The Subconscious Mind

The courage to use affirmations

Our thoughts reflect our reality, therefore the thoughts we programme into our mind simultaneously creates our outer experiences.

If we hold limiting/negative beliefs then what we experience in life reflects as limiting and negative experiences. However, positive based thoughts (also known as affirmations) play a vital role in creating positive experiences. Slightly confused? Let me break it down:


A belief is a programmed thought.

Our beliefs are formed as early as childhood and are based on influential surroundings such as our parents, siblings and society etc.

A thought that is constantly entertained, becomes subconsciously programmed as a belief. I.e As a child you may have been programmed to believe that money is the root of all evil, when in truth, that is neither true or false – just a belief.

So if a belief is just a thought that has been programmed into our subconscious mind, then surely our belief system can be changed right?

Of course! Rewiring the way your mind works is key to changing your belief system and in return will change your outer experiences! Have you ever heard of the term “You are what you think“?

As a child who had a tendency to accidentally knock over drinks, I would often be called “Clumsy“, so much so that I started to immediately announce myself as “Clumsy” every time an accident happened! Being a clumsy person became a belief for me.

The more I classed myself as clumsy the more opportunities I was given to show off my clumsiness. As I grew older and stopped the “I am clumsy” thoughts however, my clumsy experiences diminished! I no longer knock over glasses every time I’m handed a drink and even if I do, I will now acknowledge it as a simple accident!

So, if you hold onto beliefs that you think could be sabotaging your progress and your desire for success, I’m about to reveal the power of affirmations for creating a whole new belief system.


An affirmation is a positive statement which can be used as a technique to re-programme the subconscious mind by repetition. ( Some people also call this a “Mantra”)


Acknowledge when you are giving out a negative thought. This may sound simple but quite often we don’t even realise when this is happening!

If you catch yourself in the act i.e. you realise that you just said “I am soo fat” whilst looking in the mirror, immediately pause! Stop in the present moment to break your thought pattern – This gives you the opportunity to now implement your affirmation!


Create a new thought which can replace your old one. So in this situation you may now change “I am soo fat” to “I AM confident with my body“.. notice how I didn’t use the most obvious statement “I am not fat”, that’s because the main subject of that statement is still based on the idea of being fat!

At first, it might feel like you are lying to yourself but of course that’s normal! With perseverance and positive FEELINGS behind your affirmations it will soon become an automatic belief and reflect into your reality!

Im going to put extra emphasis on the “FEELINGS behind your affirmations” part. Our world is based on energy and if your saying your affirmation with a negative tone then this will not be very effective. To make sure you say your affirmation with positive energy behind it, lift your chin slightly, straighten your back and say the affirmation like you mean it! – Trust me you will feel a difference.

TIP: The most effective affirmations start with “I AM” because the statement is based in the present tense – You are ultimately stating that you are already something, this also holds a lot momentum and power behind the Law of Attraction!


Repeat. Repeat. REPEAT.

There’s no point saying your affirmation once and then forgetting about it. Just how you might have called yourself fat a thousand times before, you will need to continue to make a conscious effort of repeating your affirmation for it to become a core belief.

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Affirmations The Power The Rewire The Subconscious Mind


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