3 Step Guide For Choosing Love Over Fear

3 Step Guide For Choosing Love Over Fear

As I sit here, trying to work out why my website is having technical issues, I realised that I’ve allowed fear to overtake my mindset. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in negative thoughts and emotions, and quite often we don’t even realise its happening! But acknowledging that you’ve gone into fear-based thinking is enough to start leaning towards love focused intentions and ultimately changing the circumstances in your life.

Fear is the stem of a wide range of emotions and can present itself as feelings of lack, failure, worry, anxiety and not being in control. Fear clouds our truest potential and leads us down a path of self-doubt. In order to overcome fear it’s vital to recognise that when fear is present we block the universal flow of “Love”, which in return disconnects us from the divine energy where solutions or better opportunities present themselves to us! So how do we stop this blockage and start choosing love over fear?

If your not quite clear on how negative energy can impact your life, then it’s probably best to read my simple definition of “The Law Of Attractionhere. Otherwise, lets get to the point and start kicking fear to the curb!



Acknowledge and accept when fear is present

The moment I felt lack of control and started to worry that I would NEVER be able to fix the issues on my website ( See how irrational fear can be) was the moment I realised I was allowing fear to take control of the situation.

Becoming aware when fear is present is the most important step of this process. Without the acknowledgement that you are entertaining fear, there is no opportunity for you to change it.

If you’re not sure when fear is present, then I would advise you to pay closer attention to your emotions. How do you feel? are you anxious, worried or overwhelmed? Once you consciously notice your feelings then pinpointing fear will become easy.

When you realise your expressing fear-based thoughts, it’s important to remain gentle with yourself. Beating yourself up over giving into fear is only giving into fear even more! Express gratitude that you were able to notice it and channel your focus on the intention of now changing it around.


Release your fear by stating it to the Universe

As soon as I became aware of my fear, I immediately owned my power by accepting it with a statement to the universe.

Thank you Universe for guiding me to acknowledge my fear, I am open and ready to receive guidance through love“.

By having a fear acknowledgement statement, you are ultimately telling the universe that you are ready to see things in a different light by choosing love over fear. This contributes to the act of opening up and allowing yourself to receive the infinite possibilities in which your desire can materialise or your problem can be solved.

So, recite your statement and allow yourself to move onto the next step.


Believe there is a way and remain optimistic (use past experiences for evidence)

Instantly feeling relief after expressing my statement, I allowed myself to believe that there WAS¬†solution, even if I hadn’t found it yet. By doing this, I let go of my fear-based limiting beliefs and opened myself up to the different ways in which my problem could be solved.

Sometimes it might be hard to trust that there is a solution because our minds look for valid reasons to believe in the unknown. If this occurs then look at another situation in your life where you believed something wouldn’t work out and in actual fact it did!

There was a time my fear lead me to believe I would never be 100% comfortable on my own in my car and drive as good as everyone else on the road! – 2 years later and driving confidently and comfortably on my own comes to me just as easy as counting to 10 does. Whenever fear tries to knock me down I remember this story and it provides me with the evidence I need to believe in something better. What would your evidence providing story be?

At the point I ditched the “I can’t do this” attitude, I remembered that my friend Anna had a blog of her own (annanuttall.com, go check it out!) I thought that she might have dealt with a similar issue herself before and so I reached out to her. Anna, was indeed able to help me and my blog was back to normal in no time!

By letting go of fear and choosing the loving flow of the universe, I was able to find the best solution for my problem. (A special thanks to Anna too!)

How do you deal with fear and limiting emotions? Will you try this guide next time you notice yourself expressing fear? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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3 Step Guide For Choosing Love Over Fear



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