How To Ask The Universe For Help

How To Ask The Universe For Help

Life is a cycle, we go through ups and we go through downs. Sometimes the downs can seem so overwhelming that we damn the universe for their unexpected and brutal appearances. Why do we deserve this? What have we done wrong?

Just before Christmas our family van (used for my Dad’s self-employment) gave up on us, this meant that he was unable to attend jobs which our family heavily relied on for income and made us financially scarce for the December month! Was this time to ask the universe for help?

My Dad enquired about getting the van fixed but unfortunately, we were told it was beyond repair. Lucky enough I wasn’t using my little get around (Polly) and so he was able to use my car in the meantime. The thought of having to buy a new van right on-top of Christmas was just not something our family could face.


In the end, he applied to get a van through monthly payments, the payments were quite high but he knew that in order to be back in business we would have to make some sacrifices.

Only, a few days later when we received the phone call about the application, it had been declined but they didn’t know the reason why because all the checks were fine! Strangely enough, my Dad reacted calmly (unlike his usual approach!) and expressed to our family that something was telling him to recheck his old van and he had a strong feeling that it could still be fixed.

Low and behold, he went to another garage and the van was fixed for a set price which meant we saved a ton load of money and the van was ready in time for Christmas!

When we’re faced with tough situations in life and we feel we have no way out, how can we ask the universe for help?

When my MacBook broke just at the time I had quit my 9-5 job to create my own blogging career, I was in desperate need. But I managed to manifest a brand New Mac within 10 days. There is always a way that we can ask the universe for help with a little back up from The Law Of Attraction (and something I think my Dad had done without even realising) Here’s how:

(* I personally refer to “The Universe”, but many of you may be familiar with “God”, “Higher Source” etc if you prefer to switch the word I use for your own please feel free! This was not designed to go against other beliefs and is something that all of us can interpret into our lives.)




It gets to the point where you have tried everything and anything to resolve a problem and nothing seems to work. It’s time to surrender and hand over your problems to the universe. ASK FOR HELP!

Say it out loud, write a letter or an email. This is exactly how I manifested my first car and my new MacBook Pro, there is always something so powerful about getting your feelings and desires down into a physical form.

– Address your letter/email etc to whom and however you want, I always start with “Dear Universe” but you can choose whichever opening phrase you feel comfortable with.

– Express the things you are currently grateful for, no matter how hard things get we always have to remember that there is always something to be thankful for and whatever the universe has presented us with so far we need to show appreciation in order to receive more i.e. Even though our family van broke down we still had a warm and protective house to live in.

– Tell the universe what’s on your mind. Reveal what you’re struggling with and ask for help on the matter.

– Sign it off with love, if you wrote an email you can send it to a fake account, if you wrote a letter you can seal it off in an envelope.



Once you have completed your “Asking” Process it’s now truly time to let it go and have faith that the support you need will arrive at the right time.

When my Dad’s van was declared not repairable and then the application for the new van was declined he amazingly still had faith that there was another option, he remained positive and his faith never diminished – This really is key when it comes to having trust, there are infinite ways and possibilities that your situation can be resolved, if you have your heart set on one way then you will never let yourself be open to receiving something that could be EVEN better.

When I thought that I would buy a MacBook from Argos at a reduced price of £1,000, then found it was sold out everywhere, the fact that I remained open and trusted that it wasn’t for me, lead me to finding one that exact SAME DAY for £550!

Don’t be afraid to ask the universe for help. But it’s also important to allow the help to flow to you.

Do you ask for help? How do you deal with difficult situations? Please share your thoughts and feelings in the comments below! 

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How To Ask The Universe For Help



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  1. When you say ask the universe do you mean pray and talk to our Heavenly Father. He has always answered my prayers. Take work and action from me.

    1. I personally refer to “The universe” and many others refer to “ God” or “Heavenly Father” just like you! Either way, you can always ask for help and indeed we are always answered 😊

  2. Having your only means of transportation breakdown is horrible andI’m so glad you were able to get it fixed without having to buy a new van. I am always seeking God in both good and difficult times. It is never a bad thing to ask for help.

  3. I agree with you that sometimes you have to humble yourself and ask the universe for help. It’s so important to be grateful for what you have currently, and that positive energy breaths life into your request.

    1. Thank you Theresa! You are right! It’s so important to remain thankful for the things we have in life no matter what

  4. I definitely find these steps to be applicable within my own belief system (Christian). Asking out loud is sometimes an easily forgotten step but really helpful.

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