How To Start Your Spiritual Journey

How To Start Your Spiritual Journey

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope you enjoyed your festive season and managed to remain thankful! My week consisted of resting, cherishing the company of loved ones and reflecting on my progress throughout 2017. If someone told me a year ago today that I’d leave my 9-5 job to start my own blogging career I would have laughed in their face!

While I am proud to have achieved soo much both physically and spiritually, It’s a new year and there is always room for improvement.

It’s that time of the year again when the influx of “new year, new me” Status’s are on a rise and the diets and gym memberships start on “Monday“,  but deep down we all know that by February we will be back to our usual routines. Why though?


Regular spiritual practice is the key for breaking out of unhealthy habits. By focusing on what’s good for your soul, retraining your mind and finding peace within – you will notice how quickly the changes you are seeking start to flow into your life naturally.

No, you do not need to be religious to embark on this journey, which seems to be a false belief people have!

If you are able to try and incorporate at least one of these practices into your daily routine, (I promise you, it’s not that hard) You will be well on your way towards deepening your spiritual connection and leading a happier and more fulfilled life.

One thing that’s important to remember is that everyones path is different and to be honest, thats the beauty of it all.

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New Years How To Start Your Spiritual Journey


Be present

For a substantial amount of time my mind was pretty much always in the past – dwelling on old events and holding grudges, or in the future – worrying about nonsense that didn’t even exist yet!

I never allowed myself to enjoy the present moment or what I had right infront of me, I allowed life to go by without even acknowledging it and letting my mind takeover!

Sound familiar? This my friend is called living in autopilot, I ignored my intuition and souls calling by carrying out the actions my brain had been accustomed to and following what was acceptable to society. But as soon as I started to awaken to a new sense of consciousness and clarity – There was no turning back.

I challenge you to make the conscious effort of living as much of 2018 as you can in the present moment. Practice mindfulness / meditation to start allocating a time to focus on “the now” even just for 5-10 minutes. Go on, give it a try today.. I dare you.


Get out of your comfort zone (Let go of fear)

STOP GIVING INTO FEAR! (“False Evidence Appearing Real”) yes you heard it. Fear is not real. Fear is your ego’s way of stopping you from embracing some of the best experiences of your life!

In order for me to leave my comfortable well paid job and start something completely new and of my own, I had to give fear the biggest b*tch slap (excuse my language) of my entire life.

Of course, I was scared, of course I was worried and of course I had no idea what the hell I was doing, but my heart was telling me I needed to follow this path so I had to get rid of old limiting beliefs and although it made no sense to me at the time I had to follow it, and guess what.. I’m still alive!

Overcoming your fears, letting go of old beliefs and achieving things that are out of your comfort zone means you are growing and constantly evolving as a person! You go through everything for a reason and you should be grateful for that. Don’t be afraid of failure either, that’s also an illusion.


Keep a journal for your feelings and thoughts

This is a goal I have set for myself this year so feel free to join me on this one!

Writing out your thoughts and feelings is one of the most powerful ways to get to know what’s going on inside. By writing out how you feel and noticing your thought patterns you will gain insight into your triggers and learn things about yourself you may have never known before.

I recently invested in a Happiness Planner for my 2018 journey they provide a whole guide with worksheets you can go through daily, including practices based on self-reflection, cutting out things that hold you back and ending each day with gratitude. The planner is an amazing essential for a true self development adventure!


Befriend people who align with your goals

If you’re wanting to lose weight, then it’s not wise to surround yourself with people who constantly binge on junk food because more than likely you will too right?

So if you would like to embark on your own spiritual journey go to places and get involved in activities where you know you will meet like minded or even better, more experienced people!

Join a yoga class, go to that “light worker’s” club – surrounding yourself with people who not only GET your journey but are also on their own, will motivate and empower you. Also its exciting to hear and share stories together!


Read, read and read!

Whenever we start something new, it’s important to treat it as though we know nothing about it.

By reading and educating yourself about the topic you will gain heightened insight and understanding making the process easier for you as you go along. Books have been a major tool for me during my awakening. There is always soo much for you to learn and by starting now, you are giving yourself a head start to a deepened understanding.

If your not sure on the books to read, I reveal the top 4 books that changed my life here.


Remain true to yourself

While I would encourage you to be open minded, remember your journey is personal to you. Not everyone is going to be on the same page as you so its an important step to forget about what everyone else is doing or what others think you “should” be doing.

Following the calling of your soul and being your true authentic self, even when life gets tough is key to this journey. Believe me, when you wipe away all the barriers and unlock your true potential, others will view you in awe and will want to know all your secrets too! But by then you will realise that it was within you all along.

Will you be starting your spiritual journey this year? Or maybe you’ve already started ? If you know any spiritual practices we could all benefit from please feel free to share in the comments below! 

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  1. I for sure need to work on being present! And I love that reading made it on this list, because the power of reading can change your life I’d you read the right things. 💜
    Happy New Year!

  2. Good blog posts make readers think and here’s what I’m thinking…”deepening your spiritual connection” implies being spiritually connected to something (not nothing.) But this post doesn’t define what that is. Thinking my choices are A) myself, but that connection doesn’t seem weak. B) something outside myself I imagine I want to be closely connected to, but that seems flighty to me. C) a “religious” connection to the transcendent God of the Bible. I’m going “C”. 😉

    1. Thank you Alexandra, I believe in strengthening the connection with your higher self or what others may call “The Universe” Many people have different beliefs! Thank you for your comment 🙂

  3. This is great and just what I needed to see! One of my goals is to attend church and do daily devotionals. I used to do devotionals and it really made my day. It made me more at peace and happier, I love your tips and will be putting them to use. Happy 2018.

  4. Great read! I definitely needed this to start my 2018. I have been falling off the wagon with church attendance towards the end of the year and I really want to make my 2018 and beyond more spiritual and deovted. Thanks for your tips.

    1. I totally relate Courtney! Keeping up a blog alongside social media accounts is a lot of work! But making sure you take some time out is vital!

  5. Who you’re friends with is sososo important when you have goals you want to meet. It’s so important to have people around who also have goals so you can cheer each other on and motivate each other when you’re not feeling so inspired.

    1. So true Erica! One thing I will be doing this year is consciously being more aware of the people I am surrounding myself with!

  6. This is just what I needed for the new year! Yesterday, a friend of mine helped be do some breathing exercises where I closed my eyes and imagined exactly who I was on December 31st, 2018. She then told me to jot those down in my journal and aim to be that person throughout the year.

    1. Hey! I am so glad this has helped you 😊 I wish you all the best of luck for 2018 and may it be filled with love and light!

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