3 Main Signs You’re Trying Too Hard To Manifest What You Want

Trying Too Hard To Manifest What You Want

Not getting what you’ve been working extremely hard for? Feeling frustrated because nothing seems to work? Have you ever thought that maybe your simply trying too hard to manifest what you want?

I know, I know, we are raised in a world where we are constantly bombarded with the attitude that we have to “Work hard to become successful” and that we need to “Work hard for what we want”! So is trying too hard to manifest what you want even possible?

Of course we have to take some action to get what we want, but when it comes down to the Law of Attraction, trying too hard can ultimately sabotage the manifestation process and go against all that you are actually working towards.

Its time to realise that the art of surrendering and letting go is the way forward, by being able to do this the Law of Attraction will work in your favour and nothing will ever seem impossible.


3 Main Signs your trying too hard to manifest what you want


You are experiencing more low vibe feelings than good

If you are constantly thinking about what you want to achieve, then chances are you’re probably trying too hard. Feeling frustrated, stressed, uneasy or anxious are all signs that you are overthinking your desire and in return, you are creating resistance. Think about it, does it make sense that whenever you think about what you want, you feel bad about it? This isn’t how it should work.

Giving yourself the chance to over think things, is giving your mind a chance to express doubt and negativity.

Remember, it’s not your job to hunt down and figure out the exact hows, when, and whys, by learning to relax, tuning into your intuition and following any inspired action all the answers will come to you at the right time.

So if you find yourself expressing more low vibe feelings than good – Your’e trying too hard.

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Problem after problem (or rejection)

Now that you know overthinking could potentially be sabotaging your dreams, getting yourself into a rut and constantly trying to control the flow of life, is also a sign that you are trying too hard.

When I came to the conclusion that I wanted a job change, I felt the need to leave ASAP. I didn’t give myself the chance to really figure out what I wanted to do and I jumped straight into applying to everything and anything I thought was appealing to me.

I managed to get a few interviews and on two occasions I was 1 candidate away from receiving a job offer, I let myself get down and frustrated about it, why was I getting so close, but yet still so far? Why was I not good enough? What did the other candidates have that I didn’t?!

I then decided to take a step back and stopped applying for jobs completely. I began to meditate and listen to my inner thoughts, I also made a conscious effort to feel good about my life and the job I already had.

This eventually lead me to the discovery of my true love for writing and spirituality. I am now a full-time blogger and although I am just at the beginning of my journey, I am now at a place where I can look back and realise the reasons behind not receiving those job offers. They were not for me and they were not what I truly wanted, I now express gratitude for not receiving them!

If you are experiencing set back after set back, pause and really think about your current situation. Maybe you’re trying too hard to control the final outcome? There are infinite ways to achieve what you want and by taking a step back and embracing the present moment, you are allowing all these opportunities to present themselves to you.


Feeling uptight

More often than not, our bodies are an obvious sign if something is not right. Feeling tense, or having physical aches and pains, are all warnings that you are putting yourself through too much. Its ok to take time out, sometimes you NEED time out in order to refill your soul’s cup.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first” – Unknown[/perfectpullquote]

Get a headache while working on a project? Feeling uptight while telling your friend about your goals? Take a break and go back to working on your goal another time. This is your body’s way of saying you’re working too hard.

Do any of these signs sound familiar to you? Are you constantly trying too hard without realising? Maybe its time to let go for a while, believe in yourself and know that everything is working out for you. Share your thoughts in the comments! 

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    1. Thank you Marie, you’re right! There are loads of stresses this time of the year which makes it even more important !

  1. I feel this way often when I’m stressed about a project that needs to be successful or I’m struggling with something non-work related. I tend to think too much about completing everything to perfection, which stresses me out on my journey.

    1. Hey Jenni, I’ve also been the same! But I’ve learnt to realise that taking a step back and not being soo controlling helps way more! It’s been the answers to a lot of my successes!

  2. Great thoughts! I’ve been there before but am in a really good place right now. But it’s always a cycle! Highs and lows!

    1. Thank you Susannah! Im glad you are in a great place and hopefully these signs will help you if you ever need to take some time out!

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