How To Raise Your Vibration and Attract an Abundant Life

How To Raise Your Vibration

Joy, love, peace and forgiveness are all classed as “High Vibrational” feelings and we all know by now that our inner feelings create our outer experiences. So if we want to attract an abundant life, then we’ve got to remain somewhat “High” right?!

( Okay, maybe not “high, high” I probably could’ve phrased that differently!) but feeling good and expressing more positivity is essential if we want to start attracting and living an abundant life, say goodbye to the days of wallowing in low vibe feelings/thoughts because they are ultimately keeping your life at one level only, and that sucks!

Making a conscious effort to raise your vibration is the first step to enjoying an awesome, love filled and prosperous life so what are we waiting for??


How To Raise Your Vibration and Attract An Abundant life


Forgive and Let go

Ill hit you with the hardest one first, this may not be what you want to do or hear, but this is one of the most important steps of them all if we are serious about raising our vibrations.

It is time to forgive your past and let it go. What do I mean by that? Well, none of us can truly start shifting our vibrational frequency if deep down we are still holding onto negative experiences from the past. Its like puberty for our emotions, its got to get really ugly and spotty before it can blossom and become pretty damn flawless.

Each of us go through different things in life, but it is toxic for our mental health if we keep ourselves in the past, healing is needed for our soul to expand, and oh my dear, once you are able to release the negativity, a MAJOR change in your vibration will happen immediately. ( I am still going through this process, its not easy but I know in order for me to move on, I have to let it go).


Get off social media!

There was a period of time at the beginning of the year where I got rid of all social media on my phone, my brain got to a point where I just needed to cut off from everyones feed and focus on my own.

Day in and day out the majority of us scroll through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and we are faced with a false projection of other peoples lives, this can cause feelings of self judgement, insecurity and unworthiness, but are these “High vibrational” feelings??? um, no!

You don’t need to know what Barbara is doing all the way over in Texas, this holds no value to your life. Focus on yourself, meditate, be grateful, spend more time conversing with the people who make you feel good and you will begin to reap the emotional benefits and in result raise your vibration.


Practice giving (without the intention of receiving back)

Have you ever helped someone before? how did you feel? I remember a time in college when I came across an autistic boy who was distressed and lost on a train. I was able to help him and reassure his worried Mum on the phone – I felt so liberated that I had been apart of helping someones else’s day.

Practicing the act of kindness/giving is a way of feeling rewarded, knowing someone has benefited from something that you were able to do is great! Buy a bottle of water for every homeless person you see, help an elderly person cross the street, do something that will make you feel liberated.

Make sure that you are acting out of the pure kindness of your heart because going about it with the wrong intentions is not authentic and will not help with your vibration.


 Eat high vibe foods

Yes, even foods have vibrational energy, if you are constantly binging on low vibrational foods then you are feeding your body and mind low vibe energy. If we eat the wrong types of foods we begin to feel lethargic, and even increase mood swings!

By being mindful of what you eat and choosing high vibrational foods you are ensuring that your body and mind is working to the best ability at all times, feeling nourished and energised is essential to raise your vibration and keeping it stable.


Chill out

Don’t take life too seriously and just have fun! Do things that make you feel aliveRead high vibe books, get your heart pumping, carry out regular exercise and make the most of your life. We all want to live an abundant life so stop wasting time by ENJOYING and LOVING your life RIGHT NOW. Cut out the things that serve you no purpose, the negative people, the dead end jobs, your life is too precious to waste on things that don’t light you up or raise your vibration.

Of course some obstacles may arise but the power of positive thinking can really change the effect it has on you and how you deal with them.

Are you willing to try and raise your vibration? Do you have anything that you do to boost positivity in your daily lives? I’d love to hear so make sure you share in the comments below!

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