4 Life Changing Books You Should Start Reading Today

Reading Life Changing Books

Everyone has their own favourite genre when it comes to reading and mine typically happens to be anything that revolves around law of attraction, spirituality and self development.

Recently though, I have had quite a few people message me intrigued by my way of thinking and while I could take full credit ( and most of the work to change my perspective came from myself), reading books has been a major part of my growth and transformation.

By sharing the top 4 books that ultimately changed my life, I hope to remind you of how powerful you are as a creator and that you truly can create the lives you want.




Many may know Rhonda Byrne for her books “The Secret” and “The Magic” , however “The Power” is my personal favourite, it gripped my soul and had me on cloud 9 throughout every chapter. Out of all the books I had read, I did not want this one to end, it gave me a whole new perspective on life, so much so that I started to appreciate the small things and really fall in love with life, the earth and all the people in it. Rhonda gave me the confidence to start taking control of my own life and in result I am writing this post for you today. This book expresses and explains the power of love and gratitude, so if you are new to concepts like The Law of Attraction then I would advise this is one of the books you should start with. This will definitely be a lifetime treasure for me and a book I will continue to reread.




I love Rebecca Campbell! She is like the goddess of soul searching and with “Light Is the New Black” I was finally able to start learning about the real me. While she talks about past lives, following our intuition and expressing spirituality, this book is an ultimate “Guide To Answering Your Soul’s Callings And Working Your Light“. Rebecca gets you to understand that everyone in this world is different and this is where the power lies. Our uniqueness is something that needs to be embraced on a daily basis and by doing so we can began to live our life’s purpose. I walked away from this book with a new sense of self and liberated to finally find my own light. Rebecca also has another book called “Rise Sister Rise” Which I am still yet to read!



“How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life”. Jen Sincero has a quirky writing style which will keep you intrigued as to what she has to say next! At the beginning of the book Jen expresses her scepticism about being able to create your own life so straight away I was able to relate to her, however as the book progresses she starts to focus on the self-sabotaging behaviours like, insecurity, limiting beliefs and doubt which hold us back from our dreams. She takes you on her personal, inspirational journey and meanwhile I started to unravel suppressed feelings that were holding me back. “You Are a Badass” was the motivational push I needed to wipe away resisting behaviours, realise my potential and get out into the world!



‘Finally the universe makes some freakin sense” quite literally. “Deliberate Receiving” enhanced my understanding of The Law of Attraction – Melody Fletcher found a way to put it all together so that it makes complete sense. With her friendly approach (and sometimes a foul mouth! haha) she keeps the book real and provides us with a manual that we can actually follow and practice in our personal lives. Without reading this book I still would not know some of the basic principles behind manifesting and creating a life I enjoy. For anyone who is serious about wanting to change their lives this book is a MUST READ!

There are soo many more books I could give credit to, however, these 4 books are the ones which have had the most impact on my life.

Have you read any of the books above? What would you class as your life changing books? I am always on the look out for something new to read so if you have any recommendations please share them below! 

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4 Life Changing Books You Should Start Reading Today
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