6 Signs The Law Of Attraction is Working For You

One of Signs the law of attraction is working

Often the gap between asking for our desire and receiving it can become frustrating, especially if you are not sure if anything is happening at all! You’ve finally been able to let go of resistance but how do you know the Law of Attraction is really working for you?

While having manifested quite a few things in my life and after reading countless successful stories, there are subtle signs that indeed show up to help us realise that what we want is in the cards and we are on the right track! The universe is communicating with us all the time even if we just don’t realise it.




Ever thought about an old friend you hadn’t seen in ages and then all of a sudden you bump into them?! or ever thought about your favourite song and then it magically starts playing on the radio?! This is no coincidence and this is the universes’ way of saying you are on the right track. Increased synchronicity is a major sign that you are on the right path, you are open to the universal flow and therefore meaningful coincidences start to appear.

When I was in the process of manifesting my new job I experienced numerous occasions of synchronicity, one morning in the office I was about to call a customer and just as I was going to pick up the phone to dial out, I had accidentally picked up the line which was calling in and to my surprise it was the woman I was just about to call!! not too long after this event, I sat one evening thinking about an old colleague of mine, who I hadn’t seen for a couple of years, he was an old guy but the only person who I got on with (The company treated me awfully), I wondered if he was still doing okay, then to my surprise the next morning I spotted him at a bus stop on my way to work! My heart fluttered as I was rest assured that it was a sign I was in flow with the universe.

If you start to experience increased synchronicity then this is definitely one of the signs the Law of Attraction is working for you.


11:11 OR 1111

If you had read my post on receiving guidance through Angel numbers recently, then you would know the significance of seeing repeated number sequences. In this case seeing the number 1111 signals that your life is beautifully aligning and in result you are becoming more receptive and open to creating your own reality.

You may start to see this number on licence plates, when you check the time or even on your shopping receipt! Stay open minded for this is a true sign that the law of attraction is working for you and acts as a reminder to keep your thoughts positive! You are manifesting rapidly into your reality.



Being an Empath, having strong intuition is something that I am used to, however, when I am aligned and the law of attraction is working, I notice that my sense of self becomes stronger, my sense of “knowing’ Is more in tune and it is as though I just “know” things are working out for me. Once you let go of all resistance, you open up to receiving and you allow your intuition to guide you to the right places and new opportunities.

This is great and actually helps with the Law of Attraction process. You begin to trust and this gut feeling is a sign that you are being your true self and your desires will unfold. Strong intuition may show up in the forms of an intense gut feeling that something was going to happen and sure enough it did. Mindfulness is a great way to quieten down the mind to enhance your intuition.



This is something from personal experience, however, I have read infinite stories of others experiencing the same thing.

White feathers will start to appear just at the right moment for your eyes to catch them – This often happens when I am alone or I start to become negative about a situation and they appear as a gentle sign from the universe and your spirit guides that everything is working out and everything will be okay.

I have also been presented with rainbows frequently. When I came up with the decision to start my blog full time and I felt as though it was my destined path I stood up to see a rainbow outside my bedroom window, I have also seen them in the forms of posts on social media and on TV just before my desires materialise into reality! Though this may seem random, if you start to notice these occurring in your reality, then be assured that these were put before you on purpose – these are signs the Law of Attraction is working for you.



Those that know me or who have read my post on dreams, know I am a strong believer that our dreams carry significant meaning.

Vivid dreams are not to be ignored, always search the interpretation of them as quite often they hold messages for you and can guide you to the right places. Do you dream of animals frequently? any number sequences or maybe even a reoccurring dream? These my love, are representations of strong guidance that you need to tap into.

(Read my experience here)



Have you ever noticed that when you think about something or want something really bad, you start to notice it more than usual? Most single people who would like a relationship get sick of the sight of loved up couples, broody women start to notice babies more! etc.

This is confirmation that the universe knows exactly what you want! When I successfully manifested my Mac Book Pro, I started to see and hear about Mac Books all the time and thats when I knew that the Law of Attraction was working for me and eventually I would receive one myself.

Have you experienced any of these signs before? Or maybe you’ve experienced other ones? please share your comment below, I would love to hear!

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6 Signs The Law of Attraction Is Working For you

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  1. This is so interesting – I read The Secret a few years ago and I was super into it. It’s not always easy to practice but it does work when you apply yourself!

    1. Hello Megan! I am glad you found this interesting, and nice to hear you have read The Secret! Thank you for your comment 🙂

  2. This is fascinating, and something I completely believe in! I read The Secret years ago and was really interested in it. These are great things to look out for!

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