Simple Guide: The Law of Attraction Defined

law of attraction

So you’ve heard of the “Law of Attraction” and how it can assist in creating the life of your dreams, lead to an abundance of positive thinking and allow you to determine how your life unfolds?! It sounds amazing right? (probably surreal to some of you), but do you really understand the concepts behind it? and how to use it to your own advantage?

You see, when I first watched the famous documentary “The Secret”, I thought I knew everything there was to know about the Law of Attraction. It wasn’t until I started to do my own research and practice the laws properly, that I then realised there was a whole load of information that we are not given to start with. So today I am giving you a simple guide on the Law of Attraction and how it really works.


To put it simply, every single living organism on this planet is formed of energy and as human beings we are emitting this energy ALL THE TIME. Sometimes we emit “negative” energy and sometimes we emit “positive” energy.

This is where the concept of “Like Attracts Like” comes in, which in simple terms means, whatever level of energy you are emitting, whether that be positive or negative, is attracting the same level of energy back to you in the forms of events, people and life scenarios. So whatever we give out, we get back.


We control the type of energy we emit by our emotions and thoughts. If you are feeling or giving out thoughts of anger, sadness or hate you are ultimately emitting negative energy and in result you will find that you attract negative scenarios to match.

On the other hand, if you are feeling and thinking thoughts that are based on happiness, gratitude or love you are emitting positive energy and will discover that you attract more positive events into your life.

Of course maintaining positive isn’t always easy, and it wouldn’t be normal to always be happy, however the practice of Mindfulness is a great and simple way to start retraining your mind and is one of the ways I have gotten better at positive thinking (See how ONE positive thought can influence your entire day here).




Ask for your desire – put it down in writing, say it out loud or simply ask in your head. Make it clear, this is the time to get down the small details, i.e if you are wanting money, how much? The best results are always the ones where you are specific about what you want. Visualise and feel what you want.



Now, this is the step that many of us struggle with including myself at times. Once you have asked for your desire, you truly need to let it go. Surrender it to the universe and BELIEVE that what you want is coming no matter what. Allow the universe to work its magic. Many of us have underlying contradicting and resisting beliefs/thoughts that can sabotage this process so it is important to address this and remain positive, this will help you with allowing and attracting the best outcome. Be grateful for what you already have, even if your desire has not yet materialised!



Last but not least, receive your desire. You may start to see signs that what you have asked for is manifesting. Everything happens in divine timing and you will receive what you want when it is ready to be received. Celebrate as you deserve it! Express your gratitude for your manifesting process is complete. Feel the joy around receiving and relish in the positive moment – positive energy attracts more positive energy!

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Once you get to grips with The Law Of Attraction, it can give you a whole new perspective to life and many people have been able to turn their lives around by achieving the “impossible” with this universal law. Just with anything though, practice makes perfect.

Set the intention to manifest something today! it could be a cup of coffee or a £5 note?! Let me know your results and how you get on! What are your opinions on the law of attraction? Please share your comments below!

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    1. Ah I am so pleased this post has helped you! I hope that you get through whatever it is and know that you ultimately have the power to chose how you react and the outcome 😊

    1. Thankyou Susannah! Once you start to visualise your goals and try to change your mindset on certain things you will soar!

  1. I’ma notoriously pessimistic person, but I’ve always felt like it protected (shielded, rather) me from disappointment and hurt. Now I’m starting to see those traits in my son, even though he’s had a pretty amazing life. That’s when I realized I need to change my attitude.

    1. Thank you for your comment Marta, I used to be very pessimistic aswell, It wasn’t until I started to change my perspective on things that I realised I was not doing myself any favours! I am glad you were able to turn things around 🙂

  2. I love the idea of the law of attraction. It is SO true that the more positivity you put out into the world, the more positive things will surround you. Also, if you’re looking at things in an optimistic way they’ll obviously seem better than when we’re down in the dumps 🙂

  3. This was a great read! My mum has been talking about and practicing the laws of attraction for years and it’s something I’ve tried doing myself. Makes sense to send out positive vibes and thoughts rather than negative ones.

  4. I swear to god this is true! I’ve seen so many real life examples of the law of attraction happening! and you could not have written a better and more clear explanation to this 🙂 so glad to have found your blog

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