Are Dreams a Form of Spiritual Guidance? ( My Experience )

I sat in the back of the car, head hazy and eyes not fully focused, my brother sat next to me whilst my mum was driving. She pulled up onto a side road and went to get out. *OMG* , my heart rate cut off and everything around me turned into slow motion as I locked my eyes onto the car handbrake and realised it was still down, the car began to roll back. I froze and in not enough time to raise alarm, we crashed. We crashed into the wall behind us and my mum screamed running back toward the car. 

My heart flooded with relief when my I opened my eyes and discovered myself comfortably cushioned within the pillows of my bed.  “What an odd dream”, I remember thinking.

For as long as I can remember, my dreams have always been vivid and carry significant meaning.


A few days after, I found myself getting into our family car with my Mum, we were making a trip to our local Portuguese cafe so she could consume her extra strong coffee hit (like most mornings)! Taking no notice of my surroundings and being engrossed by my phone, we pulled up to park and my Mum stepped out of the car before me, my delayed reaction to get out left me feeling the car somewhat still in motion, I screamed as she managed to fling herself back into the car quick enough to pull the handbrake up.

Flashbacks of my dream instantly came back into mind and I exclaimed what I had dreamt a few days before, she stood shocked and confused as to why she had forgotten to do such a thing, and even more so that I had dreamt it.

It wasn’t particularly reassuring that this occasion lead to a chain of events where my mum continued to make the same mistake.

I then realised that what I had was actually a premonition, a warning that foreshadowed an event that became a reality in my life experience. Luckily enough my Mum stopped the new formed habit and nothing ever materialised from it.

Since then, I have made a point of looking at my dreams in a deeper perspective. Have I had any more premonitions that I wasn’t aware of? This thought scared but intrigued me so I started paying more attention to what I was dreaming and began to log my dreams down.


I realised that I dreamt of animals frequently and discovered that different animals represent specific meanings that did in fact seem to be relevant to my life circumstances at the time. I also had a further 2 premonitions, one was a pregnancy of a close family friend and one was the suicide of a woman who was related to someone I knew.

Since revealing my dreams to friends I have had them begging me to tell them if I ever dream something freaky about them!

I honestly believe logging down dreams is a great way to delve deeper into your non-subconscious mind and you will be amazed by what you discover! My dreams have played a major role in guiding me with different situations in life.

Make sure you take note of specific aspects from your dreams, such as the emotion/mood you felt or how you reacted to something, were there any symbols that could provide meaning? i.e. the animals I dreamt of, or any reoccurring numbers? ( possible Angel Numbers even?)


Another type of dream that I have been having for a while, and still get stunned by are those of the deceased. I have had multiple dreams that consist of people who have passed away and they tend to be mainly family or very close family friends.

(For those who know me and my family, are aware that we tragically lost my Aunty Jayne due to a brutal murder around 20 years ago, the effect it still has on us as a family is somewhat never ending)

One night, I woke up at around 4 AM feeling really restless, I stayed uncomfortable for a while and stirred around until I eventually managed to drift off again and fell back to sleep and into a dream.

” I was sitting in my Nans living room with my immediate family, we were all gathered closely together, the room was dimly lit with a warm orange tinge and I felt cosy and safe. We were all in mid conversation when we heard the front door open, we all looked at each other wondering who it could’ve been as there was no one missing, we then looked towards the hallway at which point my nan and mum burst into tears and collapsed. It was Jayne. Jayne was stood in the living room doorway with an excited expression on her face waiting to see our reactions.  She was back for real and it felt like a miracle.

The atmosphere of joy burst from all corners of the room and we were all scrambling to know how she beat the system and came back to life!!

My mum called all Jaynes’ close friends who rushed over to see the miracle with their own eyes. Jayne stood in awe and watched us all, she seemed to be taking it all in and enjoying the presence of everyone around, she smiled and portrayed herself calmly, spoke to us all with ease and greeted everyone with a warm kiss. She then assured everyone that she was fine and perched herself on the sofa between my uncle and my mum. “

I woke up from the dream and it didn’t register until about 20 minutes after that I had actually dreamt of Jayne. In a rush, I sent a text to our family group chat on WhatsApp, my nan felt comfort from what I had said, I found it strange that my mum didn’t really say too much, she was at work by then so I thought she must have been busy.

Later that evening when I got back from work, my mum was winding down and she confessed to me that before going to bed the night before, she had her usual bedtime cigarette in our garden and knowing that she was booked to see a Medium in a weeks time ( and usually has no luck with her sister coming through), she stated out loud “Jayne can you please come through this time”.. my heart stopped and my throat formed a lump, I had no idea that my mum had said those words.

Jayne had used ME as a messenger for my mums call. My mum had asked her to come through and that night she came through in my dream. I was speechless.

After this experience my confidence that dreams are more than just unconscious images portrayed by the mind grew stronger. I now believe they are messages and they provide guidance, a gateway for something higher.

Have you had any weird dream experiences? Please share them down below! and even if you haven’t, don’t forget to start a dream journal, I would love to hear about your dream discoveries!

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Are Dreams a Form of Spiritual Guidance?

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