How I Manifested A NEW Mac Book Pro in 10 Days

It was Thursday 28th September when I received the dreaded text from my Mum – My gut instantly churned and I was at work so I couldn’t see for myself. I replied to her with the attitude that she was doing something wrong. Did she have the charger plugged in? Was she turning it on correctly? Anything to believe that my Mac Book Pro hadn’t just DIED on me.

I recently handed in my notice to focus on blogging and this was the ONLY computer in our household – it just couldn’t be happening. I brushed it off and told her to wait until I got home, I was going to fix it and everything was GOING to be okay.

When 5 O’clock struck I frantically rushed home to try everything I could to get it up and running, searched the web, watched YouTube videos and even messaged my boyfriend in hope that he would know some sort of magic trick, but eventually I had to accept that it was broken.

I came to the conclusion that it was a blessing in disguise and tried my best to remain calm about the situation. Stressing over what had already been done was only going to make things 10 times worse, just thank the heavens that it happened before starting any major pieces of work!

Maybe it was a chance to get a brand new Mac, to match the brand new phase in my life. After all, it was a 2008 model and could have failed at anytime so, out with the old and in with the new eh?

If only it were that simple.

Everywhere I looked the Mac Book I wanted seemed to be between £1,100-£1,300 and lets be honest, I was in no position to be forking out that amount of cash! Finding nothing cheaper though, I reluctantly agreed to pay £1,000 max if I had to, I classed this as a valid time to tuck into my “Life Crisis” savings and Isaac could get discount at certain places.

Two days later, my friend posted a picture on SnapChat of a BRAND NEW (still in the box) Mac Book Pro, I was shocked when she revealed that a customer had accidentally left it at her work place and wasting no time I asked her if she had kept it. Of course she replied and said that someone had been back to collect it the same evening, fair play, I mean – Who in their right mind wouldn’t go back for that?!

Oh well It wasn’t for me – I continued to stay positive though, because even if that particular MacBook wasn’t meant for my ownership, I had seen it and that meant that the universe knew what I wanted and I was on the right track.


I BELIEVED and had faith that I was getting a Mac Book Pro, I spoke to my Mum as if it was already coming, only gave out positive thoughts and started to notice that I was seeing MacBooks everywhere! I even visited an Apple store to get a feel of which one I wanted.

One evening I took the time to write a “Thank you” letter to the universe expressing the gratitude I had for my new Mac Book, I wrote down the exact specifications I wanted it to have, described how the keyboard felt across my fingers and exclaimed how super speedy it was – I visualised and felt every word I wrote down and signed it off with love.

Giving it no thought after that, I surrendered my desire to the universe and kept faith each day that it was coming and it would turn up at the right time.

On Sunday 8th October, I woke up with the urge to search online again, the first place I looked was Argos and to my surprise the price had gone down by £70! This worked out to be just over £900 in total with Isaac’s discount on top! Resullltttt. I didn’t believe for one moment that I could get a better price, so I urgently searched for availability and surprise surprise it was sold out EVERYWHERE. My mood plummeted, but I managed to pick myself up again and just let it go.

A few hours passed while I lounged around in bed, making the most of my Sunday when Isaac randomly messaged me from the barbers – “I think I just found you a Mac”.. “wait, what?” I replied, he had only left the house 5 minutes ago so how, what and who?!

He explained that his friend had just posted a picture of a practically new Mac Book Pro on SnapChat asking if someone wanted it. He then forwarded the pictures of the computer onto me and explained that there were no faults with it, he was just selling it because he needed the money.

This MacBook Pro had exactly all the specs I wanted and was an early 2016 Model! Due to the circumstances, I immediately assumed that his friend was going to want quite a decent amount of money for it, (My friends, you are about to learn that you do not assume anything when it comes down to the Universe). When Isaac came back to me and said he was hoping for between £500-£600 my heart skipped a beat. O.M.G This Mac is MINE. I instantly offered him £550 for that afternoon.

Never did I imagine that my new 2016 MacBook Pro, would be in my lap by 6PM that evening, but it was.

I was absolutely amazed that I had manifested what I wanted within 10 days! My being was ecstatic and huge amounts of joy and shock filled my body all at once.


My Mum, who somewhat thought I was slightly deluded, was more astonished than I was. She watched me in complete awe while I stood in front of her, holding the MacBook I claimed I WOULD be receiving.


I clearly wasn’t meant to go to Argos that morning for a reason and that being, something even better was waiting for me just a few hours later. I ended up receiving an even newer model and at HALF PRICE!

This experience truly has boosted my confidence in believing that anything is possible. In order to manifest your desires successfully, BELIEVE that what you want is coming and it truly will. If you ever reach the verge of giving up, please DO NOT!! you never know what could be just around the corner.

Have you ever manifested anything into your life? Ever wanted something so badly that you hadn’t thought was possible, but you ended up getting it anyway? Please share any experiences as I’d love to hear!

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  1. I really believe we can manifest things into our lives. I have had so many examples of things manifesting that cannot be explained as simple coincidence. Love that you managed to get your MacBook. Well done. Keep blogging.

    1. Thankyou Linda! Its an amazing feeling when manifestations come to fruition! 😊 and I love that you have the same beliefs

  2. That was stinking amazing. I love it and I am so glad that you got your Macbook. You have to believe what you want will happen. I am glad it happened for you and I know it will keep happening.

  3. Very well written article, clear and easy to follow along. Great share, I don’t know what I would have done if my computer took a poop!

  4. It’s so amazing when this happens. I am positive that I’ve manifested some things in my life, but I still can’t get a handle on the faith part of it and really believing in things. Thanks for sharing your story!

    1. Thankyou Amy! It does take some time to tackle the faith part but once this is under control manifestations can take place very quickly! Thank you for reading 😊

  5. Such a lovely story, really shows that the universe does deliver what you want and according to the feelings you have plus gratitude is always key to speeding up results. I need to get back into this law of attraction world.

    1. This experience definitely boosted my confidence in the universe! If you start to practice the laws within your own life and I am sure you will prosper! Thank you for your comment Joan 🙂

  6. I’m very impatient and I always doubt I can make these kind of things happen… My mom weirdly enough always has a spot to park her car where she wants, and she says its all about manifestation.
    But I can’t 🙁
    I wish I could manifest things into my life.

    1. Thank you for your comment Maria! It is all down to the mind – you have to remain positive and believe that what you want is coming as this is the key to manifestation, It can be tough to overcome being impatient but once you start working on changing your thoughts you will be changing you life in no time! 🙂

  7. God has a way of giving us what is needed at the right time. Your post was truly amazing and inspiring. I can relate this manifestation to so many different events that have occurred throughout my life.

  8. So awesome, I love manifesting. What we put out into the universe we get back that’s why positive thoughts are so important and people do not realize it. Great story I hope you manifest many more things!!

    1. Thankyou soo much Dan! Positive thoughts really are key, I hope you manifest many wonderful things in your own reality 😊

    1. Thankyou Zuzana, sometimes it is hard to really let the desire go and I have struggled with this in the past but once you stop waiting and completely release all resistance and impatient thoughts your desires manifest at the speed of light! I hope you have success in the future 😊

  9. Awww! I love this!!! I think I am going to try this with Javy Baez (Cubs baseball player)! LOL! Just kidding…maybe. I have been very curious about manifesting. I am totally looking into it more now 🙂

    1. Hahaha why not!!! I did manifest meeting a famous uk artist and ended up meeting him more than once! Im glad this has given you more of an insight into manifestation 😊

  10. The universe is amazing for things like this, if you just believe!
    I try my best to manifest, i really do, but negativity rears its ugly head, but I fight it!
    Good job on your new laptop and all the best for your blogging future, I just love your blog and you have a new subscriber in me, I look forward to reading your future posts.

    1. Very true Julie! The most important part of the manifestation journey is letting go of all resistance and negativity, Thank you soo much I am glad you enjoy my posts! Welcome 😊

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