Beginners Guide – 4 Easy Ways To Use Crystals

So you’ve heard that Crystals have some sort of healing energy? But your not too sure how they work or how to use them?

I purchased my first Crystal around my 20th Birthday in July and I will never forget the feeling of being instantly drawn to and holding my first ever Rose Quartz – I was filled with an overwhelming buzz of unconditional love and that was the moment I knew the crystal was for me.

When shopping for crystals its best to go with an open heart, often the right one(s) will stand out and choose YOU. Each precious stone has their own independent qualities and serve different purposes for different situations in your life.

As a beginner, I am still experimenting with the many ways to use crystals. Working with them is a great way to stay grounded when in need of an emotional lift ( Especially when you are an Empathwho has a tendency to be highly sensitive to pretty much anything!). So for my curious newbies and to anyone who is intrigued, I thought i’d share some simple ways I have discovered to work with crystals.



Carry Them On You

Whether its keeping them snug in your pocket, hidden in your bra (my favourite place), or even wearing one as a piece of jewellery. Keeping crystals within your energy field (aura), is said to be one of the most beneficial ways to reap the benefits and healing qualities of your crystal, this also helps with attuning your stone to your unique vibe.

Depending on how I feel in the morning, I let my intuition choose which crystal I carry around. Often my Rose Quartz on days where I lack self-love, acceptance etc and my Red Tigers Eye on days when I need the motivation and strength for the day ahead.


Place them around your home/work space

Using Crystals to radiate their energy in certain areas of your home/work space is another great way to reap benefits. Certain crystals such as Sodalite and Amazonite help to reduce harmful radiation from electronic devices – this would be amazing for a study or an office.

I currently keep a Clear Quartz Geode on my bedroom shelf to create a protected and harmonious atmosphere, they are also known to enhance spiritual growth and cleanse the room of negative energy. Don’t forget, you can even sleep with a crystal under your pillow! I do this with my Rose Quartz.

Clear Quartz Crystal



Scan your crystals and grab one that calls your attention to meditate with, hold it in the palm of your left hand and focus on how it feels. This not only enhances what you gain from your meditation, but helps you to sense the energy emitting from your crystal, which may not be something you are able to do immediately.

The Little Book Of Crystals” by Judy Hall is a perfect guide for newbies and contains pretty much everything you need to know for starting out! It gave me a clear idea on which crystals are best to meditate with and how each one helps due to their unique and different properties , I would highly recommend checking it out.

P.s. If you don’t currently meditate, then I advise that you start NOW! we should all be giving ourselves at least 15 minutes a day to revitalize and cleanse our minds of junk.

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Chakra Cleansing & Balancing

Our bodies contain 7 energy centers (also known as Chakras), most of us are not aware of the side effects of having just one of these energy centers unbalanced or blocked. Some of these effects can actually lead to physical dysfunction and pain including digestive problems, chronic fatigue etc.

Do not fret my loves! If you suffer from unbalanced or blocked chakras then this is a time to turn to the magical powers of Crystals – You can choose one or several crystals to balance your chakras, once you find out which chakra you need to work on, place a corresponding colour crystal on the part of your body that resonates. (I tend to use this as another way of meditating with the stones).  Visualise your chakras being cleansed through the crystals until you feel the cleansing is complete!

If you use crystals and have noticed some benefits I would love to hear! I am still in the process of learning more about these beautiful stones so if you have anything to share please do! 

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  1. Great post again .I need a crystal now .my aura is blocked. Can’t sleep well. Which one do you recommend?
    From Angela

    1. Thankyou Angela, I would highly recommend Amethyst if you are struggling with sleep! This is a good one to place under your pillow at night and aids with helping your body to relax and getting rid of stress, anxiety and nervous energy ❤️

  2. I always bring my crystals with me so it’s always in my bag so I keep forgetting to place it on my workspace. I’ll definitely remember it now!

  3. Stared at this for nearly 10 minutes (at least I’m helping your bounce rate!). My life is ticking away here, so I’ll say this and move on: The day I start looking to rocks for “unconditional love”, spiritual growth”, and “acceptance etc” is the day I’ve completely lost my mind. I guess somebody had to say it.

    1. Thank you for your comment Alexandra it is not something for everyone! And its certainly not something to rely on, however, many including myself use them as a way to boost positive energy 😊

    1. Oh wow! Amazing I must listen to that, I love how beautiful they are and they work nicely as ornaments, thank you for reading 😊

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