5 Signs That Your’e An Empath

To my fellow over analysers, highly emotional beings and those that have no explanation as to why their energy drains when being around certain people. You are not alone or abnormal and I think I may have just found an explanation.

I heard the word “Empath” only a few days ago, and when I searched the meaning I found myself reading the perfect description of my life. I felt relief in knowing that it was actually a “thing” and I feel like I now have answers to questions my soul has been looking for, for a very long time.


When I hit secondary school and became more aware of society I began to feel “different” to those around me. I realised that certain things affected me that didn’t affect anyone else and I found it difficult to relate to anyone in my age group.

Without realising, I was constantly absorbing the emotions of people around me and I would go from happy to very low and diminished in a very short period of time. I seriously thought something was wrong with me and I never had an explanation for the sudden changes in my emotions. This is when I began to suffer from depression and my emotions were running on overload – I was overwhelmed by everyday normal scenarios.

Spirituality is one thing I have always felt connected with. As a child I had dreams that were out of the ordinary and still have them now. I once dreamt about finding a video I lost when I was younger, I woke up and went to the exact place I had in my dream to find that the video was there! I have had many premonitions through dreams and I have had a lot of times when I have just “felt” something was going to happen and it did.

 5 Signs that you're an empath


You Feel Emotions On a Totally Different Scale

Ever walked into a room full of people and without anyone saying a word, you immediately feel a negative impact on your emotions? Yup, thats the result of being energetically sensitive. You absorb other peoples feelings and emotions a little too much and in result they tend to become your own. You don’t just “Feel” their vibe, you become their vibe.

Whether it be sadness, fear or happiness the feelings you experience are always intense and you usually have no control over them. This can sometimes become over whelming when you experience negative feelings, however, I have learnt to just ride through these emotions, the more you try to fight and resist them the more they persist. You have to feel something in order to let it go. (More recently though, I have been working on how to think differently.)


You Have Strong Intuition

Empaths are highly sensitive and in result their ability to sense something without conscious reasoning is very high. Their gut feelings tend to be very in tune and always right. I came home from work one day with a random but very strong feeling that I was going to be told  a loved one was in hospital. My mum got home 40 minutes later and relayed to me that our great Aunt was indeed in hospital. Have you ever experienced anything like this? Id love to hear.

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You Try To Avoid All Negative Scenarios 

Once I learnt that I was highly affected by things, more so than others, I found ways to protect my energy field. This to me meant avoiding anything that I was sure would disrupt my overall being. I currently avoid any cruelty videos/images on social media at all costs, I will close my eyes until I have scrolled pass them or immediately lock my screen if I come across something I don’t want to see. I also avoid unpredictable events or scenarios like parties etc which is probably something I need to work on ,however, this is something I know will take some time.


You Hate Confrontation

I don’t know about you but I would rather talk things out than go through a heated round of confrontation. Maybe its due to the deep level of sensitivity but an empath would be left with an amplified feeling of pain or upset long after and outside the fighting ring.

Even if someone does or says something to me I find it very hard to say or do something hurtful back and if I do I feel the repercussions of my actions immediately after. I often find myself apologising even if they deserve it!


You Feel Connected To Strangers 

This might sound like a weird one, but you’ll find that many empaths relish in nature while others have a strong emotional connection to animals. I seem to feel an un-explainable connection with strangers. I could walk past someone and have a strong sense of knowing them. I “feel” their lives and I can read them emotionally. This has often lead me wanting to talk to random people. I usually end up letting myself experiment with the feelings in fascination of others around me.

As part of my own self development it helps to gain an understanding into what makes up my personality. It also helps me to recognise trigger points and by finding out a little bit about Empath traits I have gained a little more knowledge about myself.

Do any of these signs feel relevant to you? If so, maybe you have traits of being an Empath after all. Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Oh yes. I definitely relate to feeling too much and to feeling different than others. I sometimes feel so much coming from others that I want to shut down. Trying to separate others’ feelings from my own is a challenge for me.

    1. Hello Jack, I often feel like that sometimes too! Have you ever given meditation a try? This helps to completely retrain your brain and in result you gain much better control of what affects you!

  2. Great post Kiarna, I can totally relate. Some people think that I am supersensitive or anxious but they don’t understand feel emotions differently and pick up on theirs.

    1. Thankyou Vanessa! I get that a lot also. Other people sometimes might not get it, but that’s okay we are who we are. Thank you for your comment 😊

  3. This is a very interesting post- I wouldn’t describe myself as an empath but there are definitely points raised that I can relate to. Spirituality is often overlooked in society but is definitely real and I’m happy you discussed that here- great post!

  4. I am an Empath. 100%
    Interesting read. Very hard to remember your not alone when you get lost in that state. This is a good way to appreciate the others who are just like you in that way.

    1. Thankyou for leaving this comment! to know others go through the same thing is a definite reassuring fact that you are not alone ❤️

    1. Thankyou so much for taking the time to come over and read this! I couldn’t agree with you more, great minds think alike 👍

    1. thank you for reading! Its amazing how different we all are as human beings, nice to know that you have discovered you are not one!

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