How One Positive Thought Can Influence Your Whole Day

How do you feel right now?

How you feel affects your mindset and your mindset affects how you feel. Quite often this can become a vicious cycle that many of us get accustomed to.

After reading “The Power” by Rhonda Byrne (A life changing, must read kind of book), I learnt that whatever thoughts or feelings we choose to emit has a major influence on what we attract back into our lives, and in return we manifest all sorts of events and feelings that match our emotional state.


I woke up this morning with the typical Monday morning gut feeling, I immediately began to dread my day and it took me 3 attempts to finally get out of bed and get my god damn act together!

I somewhat created an internal battle, I tried to change every negative into a positive thought starting with “I can’t do this today” to “It’s going to be a GREAT day” and “I’m too tired” to “I’m ALIVE!”etc.

After giving myself an amazing pep talk I got out of bed and went to work.

But, It did not end there – I stopped off at Tesco as usual however this particular morning I went to find that they were closed, I managed to spill a whole pot of fruit into my bag, I then accidentally beeped my horn when trying to get out of my car with too much baggage (The man walking by did not look impressed) and to top it off I tripped and fell into work! – ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS. Just the way I wanted my morning to go.

Despite this, I refused to let anything change my mindset and I laughed at myself instead, I knew that my internal battle before getting out of bed in the morning attracted these events and so I took them on the chin and moved on.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Your Thoughts Are The Primary Cause of Everything – Rhonda Bryne[/perfectpullquote]

Life doesn’t always chuck us roses and it most definitely isn’t always a blissful ride, however, once we realise that our approach to these challenges could cause a significant change in what we experience in our daily lives, we gain the power to turn things around with a positive thought or change of mindset.

Next time you find yourself in a state over something, stop and think carefully about it,  is it worth all that negative energy?

Visualise yourself stepping out of a box and looking in on yourself, how would you change it?

If you’re not sure on how to change your mindset here are a few ways that work for me.




Close your eyes (or keep them open if you must) and picture a time when you experienced an outburst of happiness, this may be something like receiving good news or passing an exam. Really take yourself back to that feeling until you begin to feel it in your current state – this really does work!



Count 5-10 things that you feel grateful for, gratitude is an amazing tool which goes hand in hand with positive thinking, if you haven’t seen my post on this already please click here.



Practice affirmations – Think of a positive phrase and repeat it over and over again. My “go to” affirmations when I feel like the world is tumbling down on me are “Everything is working out for me” and “I Love Life & Life Loves Me“.

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Do you have any ways of coping with negative thoughts? Do you believe a negative thought can impact the rest of your day? Share your thoughts below! 

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  1. A good reminder that we need to learn to always see the bright side. Difficult, but not impossible! And amazing things begin to happen when we shift our negative thinking to the positive one. Thank you for the tip about the book. Will definitely check it out!

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