Gratitude – 3 Simple Steps That Will Turn Your Life Around

Gratitude - 3 Simple Steps That Will Turn Your Life Around

Have you ever been a victim of the worst cold? The type that causes your eyes to swell, your nose to block and even the loss of your sense of taste?

At a time like this you end up having no energy to function and you would do anything to kick start your recovery process. You long to regain your health again so that you can get back to normal and carry out the daily tasks that you usually take for granted.

Being able to see, smell, walk, talk and even breathe are often things that many of us forget to appreciate. It’s not a regular practice in this day and age to take the time to really stop and think about the things that we are already blessed with or have achieved.

A well lived life is one where gratitude and thankfulness play a MAJOR role. Gratitude not only emits happiness, but helps with the acceptance of where you are, so that you are able to move forward effectively and with increased productivity.

Gratitude 3 simple steps that will turn your life around



Keep a Gratitude Journal

Whether its first thing in the morning or before going to bed, try to write down 5 things that you are grateful for. This could be anything from the house you live in or your ridiculously comfortable pillow! Nothing is too big or too small to be grateful for. As you practice this daily you will realise just how much you are already blessed with and just how endless this list can be!


Find the “Brighter Side” to any challenges you face

Yes yes, we have all heard the saying “look at the bright side of life” but really, have you tried it?… If you’re having a really bad day and one unfortunate thing happens after the other, don’t use this time for an immediate excuse to complain or a gateway for self pity. Pause and take the time to learn from the challenge, be grateful that you are presented with an opportunity for you to learn, grow and overcome an obstacle logically and with a calmer mindset.


Change your “Don’ts” to “Do’s”

Instead of consuming your thoughts with the things you DON’T have, start taking in and appreciating the things you DO have. We all have something that we want, whether that be a flashy car that your friend just bought, a nice house that your boss lives in or the latest gadget that you’ve just seen on TV. Ok, you may not have the latest iPhone 7 but you still have an iPhone 6.  It’s time to start taking notice of what you already have, its often too easy for us to forget that there are always people worse off than you and by comparing what you have to these people makes you realise that what you have is already way more than enough.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]”The struggle ends when gratitude begins” – Neale Donald Walsch[/perfectpullquote]

If you are able to incorporate at least one of these tasks into your daily lives, I can promise that you will start to see a miraculous change in your wellbeing and your overall success.

Be grateful and show thankfulness every chance you get!

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  1. Oh and I been keeping a journal for 13 years! But a gratitude one is a great idea. I say thank you each night, for it all! Even the crap stuff. I love the song thank you by alanis morrisette xx

    1. Thank you soo much for your comments, that is amazing!! Hopefully I can keep it up for as long as you have, hope you have many success and joy! X

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