BE THE LIGHT (A Message From The Heart)

Be The Light

Today my heart chooses something different. A message from my true self to yours – “Be The Light”.

A major part of having this blog is keeping my content heartfelt and authentic. There have been many occasions where I plan to write about a topic and change it last minute. My writing has to resonate with me otherwise I know it will not resonate with others.

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4 Ways to Develop Strong Intuition

Develop Strong Intuition

For as long as I can remember I have always been an indecisive person, even the smallest choices can become monstrous to me. This often leaves me in a pit of frustration and negativity and in result I waste a lot of time and miss possible opportunities.

After delving into numerous self development books, I was reminded that the ability to listen to your gut (intuition) enhances your insight and in result, you begin to make better decision choices. But how do you develop strong intuition?

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5 Signs That Your’e An Empath

To my fellow over analysers, highly emotional beings and those that have no explanation as to why their energy drains when being around certain people. You are not alone or abnormal and I think I may have just found an explanation.

I heard the word “Empath” only a few days ago, and when I searched the meaning I found myself reading the perfect description of my life. I felt relief in knowing that it was actually a “thing” and I feel like I now have answers to questions my soul has been looking for, for a very long time.

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