The Power of Divine Timing (A Personal Story)

The Power Of Divine Timing

Isn’t it funny how some things happen at the VERY RIGHT moment? Sometimes the precision of timing can seem a bit “freaky”?! This is called Divine timing and THIS is what it looks like…

Last year I read Rebecca Campbell’s book “Light Is the New Black“,  I absolutely fell in love with it, so much so that it even made it into my “4 Life Changing Books You Should Start Reading Today” post, shortly after devouring the book TWICE! I then discovered that Rebecca had released another book called “Rise Sister Rise“. It had to be MINE.

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Listen To You Heart

I wanted to write this post, because the past week or so has been a challenging time for me. For someone who writes a Self-development and wellbeing blog, I most definitely was not portraying what I preach and you know what? Sometimes that’s ok.

So, Im sat in Costa with a large hot chocolate, ready to pour my heart out, because it’s not always easy and I feel this is a message that needs to be heard.

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How To Discover Your Life Purpose

How To Discover Your Life Purpose

Ever had a strong yet unexplainable feeling that you’re meant to be doing something else in life? Maybe you have everything, yet theres a void that doesn’t make sense? In order to discover your life purpose, you have to discover yourself.

For as long as I can remember, even before I started working, I had a strong inner sense that I was here for a purpose. I knew that my life was going to be different to my parents yet I had no idea how or what I was here to do. As a teen going through depression I always felt there was more to life than I had experienced and witnessed.

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BE THE LIGHT (A Message From The Heart)

Be The Light

Today my heart chooses something different. A message from my true self to yours – “Be The Light”.

A major part of having this blog is keeping my content heartfelt and authentic. There have been many occasions where I plan to write about a topic and change it last minute. My writing has to resonate with me otherwise I know it will not resonate with others.

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