4 Life Changing Books You Should Start Reading Today

Reading Life Changing Books

Everyone has their own favourite genre when it comes to reading and mine typically happens to be anything that revolves around law of attraction, spirituality and self development.

Recently though, I have had quite a few people message me intrigued by my way of thinking and while I could take full credit ( and most of the work to change my perspective came from myself), reading books has been a major part of my growth and transformation.

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Are Dreams a Form of Spiritual Guidance? ( FREE PRINTABLE + My Experience )

I sat in the back of the car, head hazy and eyes not fully focused, my brother sat next to me whilst my mum was driving. She pulled up onto a side road and went to get out. *OMG* , my heart rate cut off and everything around me turned into slow motion as I locked my eyes onto the car handbrake and realised it was still down, the car began to roll back. I froze and in not enough time to raise alarm, we crashed. We crashed into the wall behind us and my mum screamed running back toward the car. 

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Beginners Guide – 4 Easy Ways To Use Crystals

So you’ve heard that Crystals have some sort of healing energy? But your not too sure how they work or how to use them?

I purchased my first Crystal around my 20th Birthday in July and I will never forget the feeling of being instantly drawn to and holding my first ever Rose Quartz – I was filled with an overwhelming buzz of unconditional love and that was the moment I knew the crystal was for me.

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