7 Tips to Know Before You Start Meditating

Tips To Know Before You Start Meditating

Want to start meditating? Can’t quite work out how to start or what you need to do? – There are a load of myths and misconceptions around meditation that can make it seem too complicated and prevents a lot of people from actually trying, although, once I uncovered these beliefs it became a whole lot easier to understand and meditation is now something I couldn’t live without.

So, if your in limbo about starting, I hope to wipe away any misconception or confusion and hit you up with the most important tips you should know before you start meditating!

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What is Mindfulness ? How and Why You Should Be Practicing it

What is mindfulness

Are you forever worrying about tomorrow or fretting over what happened yesterday? Can you remember the last time you embraced or only thought about the present moment? Рif the answer to that last question is no,  Mindfulness my friend Рis essential for YOU.


Mindfulness is a mental state that consists of being fully aware and present – you are therefore able to focus on what you are doing, how you are feeling and what is happening around you in that precise moment.

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