How To Raise Your Vibration and Attract an Abundant Life

How To Raise Your Vibration

Joy, love, peace and forgiveness are all classed as “High Vibrational” feelings and we all know by now that our inner feelings create our outer experiences. So if we want to attract an abundant life, then we’ve got to remain somewhat “High” right?!

( Okay, maybe not “high, high” I probably could’ve phrased that differently!) but feeling good and expressing more positivity is essential if we want to start attracting and living an abundant life, say goodbye to the days of wallowing in low vibe feelings/thoughts because they are ultimately keeping your life at one level only, and that sucks!

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4 Life Changing Books You Should Start Reading Today

Reading Life Changing Books

Everyone has their own favourite genre when it comes to reading and mine typically happens to be anything that revolves around law of attraction, spirituality and self development.

Recently though, I have had quite a few people message me intrigued by my way of thinking and while I could take full credit ( and most of the work to change my perspective came from myself), reading books has been a major part of my growth and transformation.

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Top 4 Reasons You Fail To Manifest Your Desires

Looking to manifest your desires

Cant seem to get your life in order? Constantly going round in circles and never being able to manifest your desires? Everyone at some point feels as though life is just not panning out as they intended, but we ALL have the ability to turn things around.

This Law of Attraction stuff can seem really cool and sound pretty easy, until we actually try it out then we realise it can be freaking damn hard! You witness others manifesting at the speed of light but for some reason you just can’t get to grips on the WHY and the HOW. Annoying right? Tell me about it, I began to realise that the majority of us hold limiting beliefs/habits that sabotage our manifestation process and without even realising it, we work against ourselves! How you ask? I am about to reveal the top 4 reasons you are not manifesting your desires.

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